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Aaron 'Hoffa' Hoffman Brink Lead Environment Artist

Description from the Splash Damage website[]

Joining us from a nourishing festive pilaf comes Aaron 'Hoffa' Hoffman. He claims to have been procedurally generated in Melbourne, Australia, but who can really tell what goes on in there? Open any atlas, gaze upon any map of that mythical Southern Continent and find that not one of the College of Cartographers dare hazard any guess more specific than a hastily-sketched bilious-looking giraffe holding aloft a shingle asserting 'Here Be Dragons'. Perhaps we'll never know.

Slightly alarmingly, he has a degree in Aviation, in the course of getting of which, he qualified for his pilot's license. The rest of us are legally obliged to hold hands when crossing the road, and he can fly. Fine. Way back in the day, he worked on Q3F, a mod not entirely unconnected with the Damage that is now Splash. He recently put on his red shoes and danced the blues, which took us all somewhat by surprise. Oh, and he's a fiend for cream-based deserts, a FIEND I say: as soon as we relinquish our recipe for Syllabub, he's outta here. He dresses only in taupe, and has a fascination for novelty paperweights.