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Aubrey 'Bezzy' Hesselgren is a Technical Game Designer on the game Brink.

Description from the Splash Damage website[]

Joining us from betwixt and between the mortice joints of the galley wainscoting of our clinker-built yawl comes Aubrey 'Bezzy' Hesselgren. Originally of impermeable felt yurt-ish construction, he has since been re-cast in bronze and babaganoush.

Responsible for the in-no-way offensive Leper Quake 2 and in-no-way official Matrix Quake 2 mods, Aubrey studied software engineering at Manchester University. It studied him back. Eventually they called it quits. He also trained at Parkour for a while, but only before it was cool. When freerunning showed any signs of being cool, he'd stopped, although he did appear briefly in the "Jump Britain" documentary, in a textbook example of skillful AV editing being employed to make subjects appear prancing buffoons.

Aubrey worked at Streamline Studios in Holland before joining forces with Tommy Refenes to work on the Indie Games Awards nominated Goo! before being snatched by the snatching snatchers of the SD snatch squad. He's about yay wide, can be found over yonder, and goes a bit like the theme tune from The Rockford Files. No, Quincy. Shh now, he's mantling.