Brink Wiki
Type Bottom
DLC Agents of Change
Pro Knife Melee Strike
Con Decreased Stability & Equip Speed

Bayonet is a Attachment in Brink.


This replaces your normal melee strike with a much more powerful stab. You will continue to knock enemies down, however the bayonet will do significantly more damage than an ordinary melee strike.


Bayonet is a Bottom Attachment for Submachine Guns and Assault Rifles that allows the player to utilise a blade when performing a melee strike. This increases the weapon's melee damage in exchange for lower firing stability and equip speed.


  • The Bayonet can be seen in pre-release trailers before the game's official release.
  • Despite the in-game description, the Bayonet is still able to knock enemies off their feet. This differs from the similar off-hand knife for Handguns.
  • The appearance of the knife changes slightly for each faction.
  • The Bayonet also increases the damage dealt by slide attacks.


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