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Be More Objective
Sp challenge 06.jpg
Console Name sp/challenge_06
Attacker Resistance
Objectives 6
Areas 1
MG Nests 0

Be More Objective is a Challenge in Brink. It is considered the introductory challenge that can help a new player get more used to the different classes in the game. Completing the three levels of difficulty can unlock a variety of gear for all the classes.


In order to complete the challenge you will have to complete the following objectives (in order):

  • Use the Soldier's HE Charges to allow access to a Command Post
  • Use the Command Post to become an Engineer and Repair a broken Generator
  • Use the Command Post to become an Operative to Hack a terminal that will open a new route
  • Use the new route and retrieve intel
  • Upload the Intel to complete the Challenge

There are several differences between the different star levels. In 1 star the locations are very easy to defend and there are not many enemies. However, since this is generally the first challenge that will be completed by a new player, it can feel rather difficult. The 2 star level adjusts the locations of the generator and terminal to areas with less cover. In addition, more enemies are spawned. 3 Star is by far the hardest, with all positions relocated to have very little cover against additional enemies.


The challenge score is based on the amount of time it takes to complete all the objectives. Bonus score can be acquired by assisting teammates, killing by headshots, and grenade knockdowns. Also, completing objectives gives a small boost to a players score.

Video Guides[]

In order to complete the 3 star challenge (almost guaranteed to work!):

thumb|left|500px|The best guide currently available.

In order to complete the 2 star challenge:


In order to complete the operative part of the 2 star challenges:


In order to complete the 1 star challenge:

thumb|left|500px|Video from IPureGamingHD

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