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A Tokmak with the ability to equip a bottom attachment.

ottom Attachments are a type of weapon attachment in Brink, and can be outfitted to a weapon through the Weapon Customization menu. Bottom attachments are equipped to the foregrip of a gun, and the attachments usable are varied and provide random benefits to weapons that have this slot available.

Front Grip[]

Vertical foregrips allow the wielder to have a better hold on the gun. These grips allow for better recoil control, but have the adverse effect of lowering a weapon's draw speed.


A gun sling is an over-the-shoulder attachment that allows for easier storage and accessibility. However, gun slings do not provide any other effect other than improved draw speed and a minutely decreased stability rating.

Underslung Grenade Launcher[]


A modified Rhett with an underbarrel grenade launcher attachment.

n underbarrel grenade launcher is a devastating portable weapon equipped with specialized grenades that explode on contact.

In BRINK, grenade launchers will replace thrown fragmentation grenades. Grenades launched by this attachment will immediately explode on contact with a surface and can be presumably aimed for an indefinite time without risk of accidental suicide.


Bayonets will be included in the "Agents of Change" DLC, along with weapon shields.