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Random Dev Tips

"In Stopwatch mode, both teams take it in turn to complete a given level's Objectives as quickly as possible."
-Read more Developer Tips here.



Dr. Clayton Forrestor Dr. Clayton Forrestor 27 April 2012

$5 USD on gamefly brink is on sale @ gamefly for a limited time.

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Dr. Clayton Forrestor Dr. Clayton Forrestor 7 August 2011

Free weekend!

Brink is free to try out this weekend only on Steam.

Brink is free again this weekend. Game + all dlc is on sale for $6.25 USD.

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Nexolate Nexolate 4 August 2011

Brink's Agent of Change DLC Now Available!

The Agents of Change DLC is now available for download on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and Steam! Better yet, you'll be able to download it for free on all platforms for the next two weeks - it's…

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