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Current news

Dr. Clayton Forrestor Dr. Clayton Forrestor 27 April 2012

$5 USD on gamefly brink is on sale @ gamefly for a limited time.

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Dr. Clayton Forrestor Dr. Clayton Forrestor 7 August 2011

Free weekend!

Brink is free to try out this weekend only on Steam.

Brink is free again this weekend. Game + all dlc is on sale for $6.25 USD.

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Nexolate Nexolate 4 August 2011

Brink's Agent of Change DLC Now Available!

The Agents of Change DLC is now available for download on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and Steam! Better yet, you'll be able to download it for free on all platforms for the next two weeks - it's our way of saying thank you for your continued support for Brink.

Agents of Change contains two brand-new maps, Labs and Founders' Tower, five new player abilities, two new outfits, and two new weapon attachments. It also raises the level cap to 24 and adds new trophies (PS3) and achievements (Xbox 360 and PC). Be sure to check out the image above for an overview of all the goodies included in the DLC.

To download Agents of Change, head to the Downloadable Content tab in the game's main menu or visit Xbox Live Marketplace, the PSN Store, or the Steam store, depending on your platform.

Have you downloaded Agents of Change yet? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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Nexolate Nexolate 26 June 2011

Update on Brink DLC, Title Updates, and New Screenshots

We're back with new details on Brink DLC and the upcoming title updates for the game.

The game's first DLC, Agents of Change, will be FREE for two weeks on Xbox LIVE, PSN, and Steam! The content is currently in submission at Microsoft and Sony, and we expect it to release in early July. As previously mentioned, the DLC features two all-new environments, five new player abilities, two new outfits, and two new weapon attachments. You can find more details in this post, and be sure to check out the screenshots above.

In tandem with the DLC, the teams at Splash Damage and Bethesda have been hard at work on the next major title update for Brink. The update is highlighted by online optimizations, AI enhancements, and weapon balance tweaks based on player feedback. As noted yesterday, a separate, incremental update is now available on PC, while players of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version of Brink can expect the full title update alongside the release of Agents of Change.

On behalf of ever…

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Nexolate Nexolate 23 June 2011

New Brink PC Update Brings End Game Chat and Lots More

A brand-new update is now available for the PC version of Brink, containing a huge stack of improvements and fixes. End game chat, a new Stopwatch results screen, VoIP sliders, a fix for invisible players, networking optimizations, and a massive amount of weapon tweaks are all among the things you'll be getting in this one, and we've assembled the complete changelog for your perusal below. All you need to do to get the update is sign into Steam.

For the dedicated server admins among you, there's a new server available, too, and it's freshly optimized to cut the filesize down to a third. If you haven't already, we recommend updating your server as soon as possible - as before, players with the new update will not be able to connect to servers running the old version of Brink.

With all that out of the way, here's the full changelog for this update:


  • Fixed invisible players sometimes (dis)appearing
  • Combat Intuition no longer gets triggered by disguised players
  • Flash Bangs no longer affe…

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Ausir-fduser Ausir-fduser 13 June 2011

Bethesda Softworks hacked - account info compromised

Yesterday, infamous hacker group called LulzSec announced that it would attempt to hack into Bethesda Softworks servers.

Big lulz coming up in the near future. Time to show these bitches how it's done. #Brink #Bethesda #ZeniMax

Matt Grandstaff of Bethesda has stated on Bethesda Blog that the attack was indeed successful and that the user account information was compromised.

Over the past weekend, a hacker group attempted an unlawful intrusion of our websites to gain access to data. We believe we have taken appropriate action to protect our data against these attacks. While no personal financial information or credit card data was obtained, the hackers may have gained access to some user names, email addresses, and/or passwords. As a precaution, we recommend that all our fans immediately change passwords on all our sites — including our community forums and the statistics site we maintain for Brink players.
If your username/email address/password is similar to what you …
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Matt of the wastes Matt of the wastes 14 May 2011

DLC 1 announced

A DLC has just been announced by SD here with info for the PC patch from Steam. The DLC will be free and contains new maps, gamemodes and possibly new customization features. The date for the DLC hasn't been announced but expect it after PSN is back up so it will be fair for all players.

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Ausir-fduser Ausir-fduser 9 May 2011

Brink launch trailer

With Brink's release coming tomorrow in North America (most people in the rest of the world will have to wait for Friday), Bethesda has just released the game's official launch trailer.

Some local retailers across the United States will hold midnight openings for the game, and the PC version will be unlocked for Steam and Direct2Drive users at midnight EST.

Source: Bethesda Blog

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Ohmyn0 Ohmyn0 16 April 2011

New Wikia Feature: Chat

Howdy Brink Wikians!

Today I'm happy to tell you that we've selected Brink to be one of the few selected wikis to receive a new Wikia feature: Chat. We've been working hard on this feature for a while now, and we want to see how it behaves in the wild.

Right now, the chat is still in the beta stage. There will be bugs and oddities, so we're glad to have your community as part of our team to help find them as we iron them out. We still have a bunch of exciting features in the pipeline.

I know you awesomely creative Wikians will come up with cool uses for Chat. :) So take a look, have some fun, and let us know what you think in the comments below. Thanks!

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Matt of the wastes Matt of the wastes 12 April 2011

Brink system requirements

Today, Splash Damage released the system requirements for Brink. First up, we can confirm that Brink will be making full use of Valve's Steamworks framework, which will provide a host of useful things for PC players, including the following:

Voice Chat Valve Anti Cheat Friends support (including invites and joining sessions in progress) Steam Cloud (for save data) Challenge Leaderboards Steam Achievements

"This also means that you'll be able to plug your product key straight into Steam and download Brink no matter where you are in the world - no disc required. Of course, you'll also be getting any new game updates automatically upon signing into your account, and you'll have access to things like the Steam Community.

But wait, there's more! We've had a lot of questions about the system requirements for the game in recent weeks and we've got those for you today, as well. Here goes:"

Minimum Specs

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz or equivalent Memory: 2GB RAM Graph…
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Ausir-fduser Ausir-fduser 11 April 2011

Brink is coming sooner

Bethesda has announced that the release date of Brink has been moved up one week. The game will be released in North America on May 10, 2011 - less than a month from now, and in Europe on May 13.

“Production wrapped on Brink earlier than we planned and we didn’t see any reason to keep gamers from getting their hands on this highly anticipated game as soon as it was ready,” said Pete Hines, VP of PR and Marketing for Bethesda Softworks. “It’s apparent from the tremendous reaction so far that people are eager to jump online and play, and if we can make that happen earlier – we’re going to.”
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Matt of the wastes Matt of the wastes 5 April 2011

Newest Brink trailer

Splash Damage has just released a new trailer named 'ready and able'. The trailer showcases abilities and has lots of new content. See the new trailer here!

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Matt of the wastes Matt of the wastes 15 March 2011

New Gameplay for everyone!

Today, a new gameplay video featured on the Splash Damage website has now been released. Lot's of new footage and more Character customization. The trailer is seems to focus on the character classes and some customization. You can read the main article and watch the trailer here!

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Matt of the wastes Matt of the wastes 27 January 2011

Brink release date!!

Listen up everyone! Brink has a release date!

written by badman on Splash Damage website:

We'll keep this one short and sweet: we're very excited to be able to announce the official release date for Brink. The game will ship in North America on May 17, with Europe and Australia following later that same week on May 20.

With the May date confirmed, there's still time for the Americans among you to pick up one of the exclusive pre-order packs for the game. There's four of them and each contains additional customisation items for your character to help you stand out from the crowd. If you're not in the US, worry not. Pre-order pack information for other parts of the world is still to come.

The full press release announcing the release date can be found here.

Update: Going along with the release date, we've also got the final box art for you to check out. The three different boxes have magically appeared right at the top of this post.

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Matt of the wastes Matt of the wastes 30 September 2010

Assault on Container City

Brink was playable at PAX last month, and if you didn't make it out to the event, the folks over at GameTrailers have you covered with some brand-new gameplay footage. Media Director Richard 'Fluffy_gIMp' Jolly plays through the opening stages of the Container City mission, breaking into Resistance territory as a member of Security. Better yet, it's all narrated by Creative Director Richard 'Rahdo' Ham and a very entertaining watch, especially if you've not yet had the chance to get your hands on the game.

full article here!

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Matt of the wastes Matt of the wastes 7 September 2010

Developer Diary - Minds on the Brink

Titled "Minds on the Brink", the fifth and final part of our Brink video dev diaries is now available for watching. The big focus in this episode is sound design, with Audio Director Chris Sweetman explaining the sonic work that's gone into Brink so far. Caution: Live firearms definitely and positively ahead.

full article

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Matt of the wastes Matt of the wastes 31 August 2010

Developer Diary - Endless Horizon

Titled "Endless Horizon", Brink video dev diary number four has just made its way onto the information superhighway and is all about Brink's unique art style. Art Director Olivier 'Nosebone' Leonardi, Lead Environment Artist Aaron 'Hoffa' Hoffman, and Lead Animator Fabrice 'faaab' Bouvet join our regulars for this one and all have plenty to say about the look of characters and environments you'll come across on the Ark.

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Matt of the wastes Matt of the wastes 29 August 2010

Editorials, Previews, Police All Present in Latest Brink Coverage

Just in time for Bank holiday weekend here in the UK, we've rounded up the very latest Brink coverage from gamescom 2010 and beyond, and this one's got a little bit of everything.

Before we get to the latest batch of previews, X360 Magazine here in the UK have compiled their Top 5 gamescom Surprises, with Brink topping the list. They even go as far as calling it their "game of the show by some distance", so we're pretty chuffed by that.

Elsewhere, GameZone has an editorial titled Brink and the Parkour Revolution, looking at Brink's SMART system and how we may see similar freedom of movement systems showing up in many more shooters in the future.

Speaking of Parkour, if you're not checking the Brink Parkour Tour's blog regularly, you definitely should. Daniel Ilabaca's latest exploits include mass jams with some 200 traceurs and even getting arrested by Austrian Police - seems like excitement is the order of the day over there.

Finally, the boys over at Polycount have taken a rather long l…

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Matt of the wastes Matt of the wastes 29 August 2010

Brink Will be Playable at PAX!

As announced in Bethesda's In The 'Works newsletter last night, Brink will be present and playable at PAX 2010 in Seattle next week. Brink t-shirts will also be on offer there, so you can frag/SMART/mission wheel in style. Formerly lovingly referred to as Penny Arcade Expo, PAX will take place at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center in Seattle, Washing from 3 - 5 September. More information about the event can be found on the PAX website.

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Matt of the wastes Matt of the wastes 24 August 2010

Developer Diary - The End If Genre As We Know It

The third Brink video dev diary is now online and explores how Brink goes about blurring the lines between single player and multplayer. Titled "The End of Genre As We Know It," the diary also goes into the inner workings of Brink's missions system and features the healthy mix of interviews and gameplay footage we've come to know and love.

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Matt of the wastes Matt of the wastes 24 August 2010

Developer Diary - Dawn of SMART

Titled "The Dawn of SMART", the second Brink video dev diary is now available and filled with plenty of information about Brink's freedom of movement system. Both Technical Designer Aubrey 'Bezzy' Hesselgren and Lead Designer Neil 'Exedore' Alphonso feature in this latest video and they're joined by all manner of new in-game and behind-the-scenes footage.

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Matt of the wastes Matt of the wastes 18 August 2010

Brink Pre-orders for North America

You will like these pre-order bonuses for brink. They act the same as Fallout: New Vegas bonuses as you will have to pre-order from different retailers to get different bonuses. Have a look!

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Matt of the wastes Matt of the wastes 12 August 2010

Developer Diary - Last Stand has posted a developer diary about Brink.

watch here:

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Ausir-fduser Ausir-fduser 13 July 2010

Wiki achievements are live

We have exciting news! Your wiki has been chosen to receive Achievement Awards. They are brand new, super fun, and not everyone is getting them, so congratulations!!

The Awards will help encourage people to make more edits and contribute to the wiki. They also help brand new people get a feel for what they can do on the wiki. Awards are only available for logged-in users, so they’ll help encourage people to log in when they’re making edits.

So what does this mean for you? More people editing on the wiki, more friends, more help, more content, and more fun!

Admins will be able to customize the names and pictures used in the awards so that they fit your community to a T. And the awards appear automatically, so there's no extra work that needs to be done. If you have any suggestions for good Brink-sounding achievement names, post them in comments!

Everyone will start the game together once the Awards go live so that no one has an advantage or disadvantage when it comes to collecting badges. B…

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Matt of the wastes Matt of the wastes 21 June 2010

Brink Release Date pushed back to Spring 2011

Brink was originally set for a release Spring 2010. As we all know by now, that did not happened. Brink was delayed ’til fall 2010 and there where many rumours pointing for a release in September 2010, even a more specific date was mentioned, September 7.

But as E3 2010 now launched we almost feel let down when Brink and Splash Damage CEO, Paul Wedgwood confirm a pushed back release date once again for Brink.

Brink is now due spring 2011, which means a whole year later then it’s originally set date. Why this have happened we can’t tell. Brink seems to be in decent shape as it’s reported to have reached a beta-stage. One version could be that Bethesda Softworks (Brink publisher) is set to release their own Fallout: New Vegas this fall which may have put Brink in the dark.

We will never know, but we’re truly disappointed and saddened by this news.

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Matt of the wastes Matt of the wastes 12 June 2010

Brink Developer Diary 1 - Welcome to Brink

Back in June I was on a flight to London returning home from E3 2009. We had just completed three days of non-stop, behind-closed-doors demos of Brink, to standing-room-only crowds of journalists and industry veterans. The response at the show was phenomenal and very humbling; at one point I had to ask someone not to sit between my legs while I was presenting! What really struck me more than anything was simple: "People get it, they want to play this way too, and we’re not completely mad!" Since the show, the interest in the game has continued to grow. All these ideas we’ve brought together into one game are resonating with audiences.

It’s been a fun road to get to this point.

  • 1 Blurring the Lines
  • 2 Playing it SMART
  • 3 Persistence
  • 4 A whole new world
  • 5 What’s Next?

First up, we knew that we wanted to make a game that worked as a fantastic online competitive shooter (that appealed to our roots as hardcore shooter fanatics), but we also wanted to make an immersive and cinematic single-player experie…

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Matt of the wastes Matt of the wastes 12 June 2010

Brink Developer Diary 2 - A Contrasting Reality

"What do you mean, they're building it?" That was my first reaction when Richard Jolly, our Media Director, told me about the Brink stand at Gamescom 2009. Even though he pulled out the plans, I still couldn't believe him: "They're building a life size Container City?! Surrounded by water? And an 8-metre replica Founder's Tower sitting in the middle of it all??"

We jumped in my car and drove to the workshops in Woolwich where the stand components were being prepared for the show. Just like in the game, the outside walls of the stand were made up of rusty shipping containers that had been hastily converted into makeshift homes.

Actually seeing our art team's in-game designs come to life was an amazing experience. Everything from scavenged ship parts and makeshift wind turbines, to small details like Resistance graffiti art was right there in front of us.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's rewind a few months.

  • 1 "Style is the answer to everything"
  • 2 "I can see you"
  • 3 A Contrasting Reality
  • 4 Li…

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Matt of the wastes Matt of the wastes 11 June 2010

Brink Developer Diary 3 - Ed Stern

  • 1 The Writing on the Wall
  • 2 The Problem
  • 3 A Salt Solution
  • 4 Constructing the Ark
  • 5 Creating Conflict

At Splash Damage, we believe that a game's environment is the best narrative medium we have. Compelling environments allow players to pull in information from their surroundings without having to be held hostage by an NPC lecturing them on The Way Things Were. We knew we wanted to use our game environments to tell the story, so they'd need to be packed with detail.

We created a design goal internally called IDC: Instant/Deep Context. Basically it's the old axiom "Show, don't Tell". If we get IDC right, then when the player looks at a game asset they immediately and intuitively grasp where they are (that's the "Instant" part). And the more they look at the assets, the more the cumulative narrative detail builds up, and the more they see how the game world works and how it came to be that way (that'll be the "Deep").

So, how did we go about creating the story and setting for Brink?

When we began, all…

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Matt of the wastes Matt of the wastes 11 June 2010

Brink Developer Diary 4 - Aubrey Hesselgren

Here's a scoop of dev diary 4:

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Random Terrain...
  • 3 Smooth Movement
  • 4 Jumping to Conclusions
  • 5 Under the Hood: How SMART Works
  • 6 Semi Automatic for the People
  • 7 Conclusion

Six or seven years ago, for a brief period, I wasn't fat. I was lean, fast, agile and well exercised. For once I had a hobby which could reasonably be mentioned in polite company. Friends and relatives assumed (wrongly) that I took to the roofs of Southampton at night, doing back flips over cool bad guys. Not quite, but I had discovered Parkour: the art of efficiently moving up, over, across and through whatever obstacle gets in your way.

And then two years ago, I joined Splash Damage. They showed me pre-production work on what would later become Brink. What really caught my eye was their desire to have a freedom of movement system. Having learnt a bit about moving freely and having rubbed shoulders with some of the pros in the scene, it seemed like a match made in heaven.

Brink's setting, the man-made Ark, w…

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Wagnike2 Wagnike2 9 June 2010

New Front Page Design

Hello everyone, my name is Nic from Wikia Gaming and I gave this Wiki a new front page layout in order to help you guys get started. - Wagnike2 17:40, June 9, 2010 (UTC)

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