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C-U-Gone Red Dot Sight
Type Top
Unlock Escort Duty *
Pro Exposed Aiming Point
Con Decreased Equip Speed

The C-U-Gone Red Dot Sight is an Attachment in Brink.


An alternate to normal Iron Sights that superimposes a reticule image on the target. All Red Dot Sights have the same functionality, and should be chosen based on personal preference.


The C-U-Gone Red Dot Sight is a Top Attachment for most Weapons that provides an exposed aiming point when aiming down sights. It provides similar functionality to the D-Flex and YeoTek Red Dot Sights.

The C-U-Gone is unique in that unlike the D-Flex and YeoTek sights, it cannot be mounted on either Submachine Guns or Handguns. This is likely due to its longer physical length, making it difficult to mount on the smaller rails of said weapons.


  • The name "C-U-Gone" is presumably a play on the words 'See you gone'.


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