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CARB-9 Select Icon.png
Type Light
Sub-Type Submachine Gun
Damage 22
Rate of Fire 0.066
Accuracy Stand 2.5
Crouch 2.3
Sight 2.2
Reload Speed 1.947
Equip Speed 0.297
Ammo Clip/Max 30/150/180

The CARB-9 is a Submachine Gun in Brink.


The CARB-9 is a popular choice among players due to its high damage. An average magazine size, quick equip speed and a relatively low maximum bullet spread makes it an excellent rapid offense weapon.

Despite having an in-game accuracy rating similar to the Galactic, it's actually more comparible to the highly inaccurate Tampa. It also has the worst stability of all the submachine guns.






Fallout Skins[]

There is a 'Vault 101' (Security) and a 'FNV Vault Boy' (Resistance) skin which are only available by pre-ordering the Fallout Pack. They do not affect the CARB-9's statistics in any way.

Player Notes[]

  • Equipping a Drum Magazine makes it function as an effective substitute for Machine Guns, as its damage is comparable with both the Chinzor and Gotlung.
    • Adding stability improving Attachments like a Front Grip and Muzzle Brakes further enhances this behaviour by decreasing recoil.
    • The primary downside with equipping a drum magazine to the CARB-9 is that it will further reduce the gun's accuracy, limiting most of its effectiveness outside of close ranges.
  • The CARB-9's balance of damage and rate of fire make it useful for holding choke points, particularly where stopping Nechayev or the Hostage are concerned.
  • The bayonet is not recommended for the CARB-9 as it will further reduce the gun's stability, something the weapon sorely lacks by default.
  • While you cannot use two of any gun at the same time, the Fallout Skin version of the CARB-9 (as well as the DOOM Skin version of the Bulpdaun) counts as a separate gun from the regular version. As a result, it is actually possible to equip two CARB-9s - one Fallout skinned and one normal.
  • Because of its high damage, it is used as a spraying weapon a lot. Adding a duct taped mag helps because if you spray, you need very constant reload. The faster reload helps.
  • The CARB-9 is the most used weapon in high-level competition for two reasons . At first , the light body type is always used , and and the second reason is because the CARB-9 is the most balanced weapon between accuracy and damage .


  • It appears to be based on the Kel-Tec PLR-16, which is based on the AR-15 Carbine. The stock appears to be from another weapon made by the same manufacturer, the Kel-Tec SU-16B .
    • It more accurately resembles the Kel-Tec SU-22, a .22LR version of the same gun.
  • The name CARB-9 is a reference to the word carbine, a type of firearm that has a shorter barrel than its original counterpart.


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