COGA Scope
Type Top
Unlock Escort Duty *
Pro Increased Zoom
Con Decreased Equip Speed

The COGA Scope is an Attachment in Brink.


Zooms in to allow much closer view of your target than standard Iron Sights, but hugely sacrifices peripheral awareness.


The COGA Scope is a Top Attachment for most Weapons that provides a more powerful magnification when aiming down sights. It is more powerful than the various Red Dot Sights but not as much as the Snoop-R Scope.

Greeneye Scope

The Greeneye Scope is an alternate model for the COGA Scope which was only available from pre-orders containing the Spec Ops Pack.

It's based on the Carl Zeiss Z-Point Reflex Sight. It has identical magnification but differs in that it has a much smaller (almost non-existent) equip speed penalty. It also does not use a scope overlay when aiming, allowing for peripheral view similar to the Red Dot Sights.

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