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Campaign mode is a means of playing through the game in chronological order, following the story from the side of either the Security or Resistance. Both stories are very different and each side has a drastically different view of the other team. You get bonus missions at the end of each Campaign which are different depending on which side you chose. For the Resistance you get to play the Critical Reaction level and for the Security you get to play a level that takes place in Container City but still has not been named. In total there are 8 missions.

Resistance Map Name Security
Day 1: Getting Answers Aquarium Day 1: Hostage Rescue
Day 2: Breakout Security Tower Day 5: Prison Break
Day 3: Chen's Plans Terminal Day 3: Smash and Grab
Day 6: Black Box Resort What-If: Chopper Down
Day 7: Attack on CCity Container City Day 4: Dirty Bomb
Day 8: Airborne Refuel What-If: Grand Theft Aero
What-If: Operation Babel Shipyard Day 6: Early Launch
What-If: Critical Reaction Reactor Day 8: Fallout

One of the chief things about the campaign is the lack of story or character development that occurs within. Each side of the campaign follows some nameless character models as they discuss the problems with either the Founders (The Security) or the "Terrorists" (The Resistance). The Resistance members talk about how the Founders cut off their supplies, ration their water, and treat them like slaves. The Security members talk about the Resistance as terrorists who are agents of destruction and harm and who will do whatever it takes to further their own goals. The player character is always a background member, never directly participating in any conversations, and has no speaking roles throughout the entire campaign.