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Captain Mokoena

Full Name

Clinton Mokoena





Date of Birth

November 8th, 2002

Place of Birth

Cape Town, SA



Date of Arrival

September 4th, 2024

Ark Identification Number

AIN 11,783,921

Immigration Sponsor

Ark Security

Water Ration

Standard Civilian

Captain Mokoena has seen nations destroyed by the rising seas and sincerely believes that the Ark is all the remains of human civilization. To keep everyone on the Ark fed, clothed, sheltered, and -- most vitally -- supplied with drinking water, his Security faction must stop the Resistance threat. Whatever it takes. -Game's manual

"Men, for the Ark to survive, we must have order! We must save the Ark!" -Captain Mokoena, Security introduction

Captain Mokoena is the well-known leader of the Ark's Security, an organization involved in a tense struggle with the Resistance. Mokoena generally handles all Security mission briefings, and is probably involved in the planning of the objectives.

Mokoena is the figurehead for Security. He has delivered at least one speech to the general public[1], and he is known to have personally recruited arriving Guests directly into Security.[2] Prior to the beginning of armed conflict on the Ark, Mokoena participated in negotiations between the Security, Resistance, and Founders. He is also known to associate with the Founders directly; he is privy to private information that has not been disclosed to the general public, such as the existence of surviving human civilizations in the outside world.[1][3]

Entries from his personal journal reveal a powerful loyalty to his troops. Mokoena has ignored warnings and lectures from the Founders themselves and stood by his armies' use of deadly force.[4] Despite this loyalty, Mokoena is dissatisfied with his men; he states that that some use excessive force and others are just "thugs". When the war between the Security and Resistance ends, Mokoena plans to rebuild Security from the ground up and turn it into "a force [he] can be proud of, even if it is just [him] and two raw recruits!"


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