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A Clan is player owned gaming community that completes gaming objectives, such as missions or elimination of the enemy team. Clans work together as one, through communication and cooperation to win.

This is a list of clans that are active.

You can create a page for your clan using the box below. Just enter the clan's name and click "Create": <createbox> preload=Template:Guild layout prefix=Clan: width=40 </createbox>

If you have created a clan or are a clan member and you want a userbox for your clan, message

Matt OF THE Wastes and he will make you one just for your clan.

Userboxes must include:

  • Background color
  • Image
  • Border

And also:

  • Your signature (4x~)
  • Clan name

Please include these if you message Matt.

Please categorize your clan by System[]

  • add this anywhere on your clan page:

[[Category:PC Clans]]
[[Category:PS3 Clans]]
[[Category:XBox360 Clans]]

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