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Chinzor Select Icon.png
Type Heavy
Sub-Type Machine Gun
Damage 25
Rate of Fire 0.066
Accuracy Stand 3.0
Crouch 3.0
Sight 3.0
Reload Speed 4.059
Equip Speed 0.825
Ammo Clip/Max 100/100/200

The Chinzor is a Machine Gun in Brink.


The Chinzor fills the role of middleground between the Maximus and Gotlung extremes, with average statistics across the board. This makes it ideal for users looking for capabilities in both suppresive fire and accuracy.

Unfortunately these balanced stats make it a jack of all trades and ace of none. It can both be bested at range by the Maximus and bested in sheer output volume by the Gotlung.




Player Notes[]

  • The Chinzor functions in a fairly unique way, similar to the Gotlung. Aiming allows for a slight zoom, but the player will not actually use the sights to do so. However, unlike the Gotlung, the Chinzor will not require a spin-up time before it can fire, making it an excellent weapon for spray-and-pray tactics.
  • Of course, being a heavy weapon, the Chinzor is a cumbersome gun overall: it has a lengthy reload time, which can be a hindrance, and it's not as accurate as an Assault Rifle or SMG. Furthermore, both types of weapons are better suited for rapid response; the Chinzor requires more time to switch to as well as aim with.
  • Despite its drawbacks, when a player with a Chinzor is not running, reloading, or a farther distance from their target, there are very few weapons capable of matching the Chinzor unleashing as much damage in a small space of time. This makes the Chinzor very capable of reacting quickly to most oncoming threats and a good firebase hold point weapon.


  • It appears to be based on the real-life Knight's Armament ChainSAW, a concept machinegun developed around the KAC Stoner 98 LMG. The name is also likely a reference to this system.
  • The word "Adios!" can be seen stenciled on the side of the Resistance Chinzor. This is the Spanish expression for "goodbye" and is often seen in media being uttered before a final, finishing blow. This is an obvious reference to Vasquez's body-mounted Smartgun from the classic sci-fi thriller Aliens.
  • The Chinzor does have a front iron sight, but it is not used when the player is aiming.
  • The Resistance Chinzor has 3 matchsticks tied to the stock for no apparent reason.
    • They were probably put there as a nod to the old gun trick where one lights a match by grazing its head with a bullet.
    • However, the matches appear to be the strike-on-box variety, which are useless without the box, as they cannot be lit without it, making them equally useless for the above gun trick.


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