Brink Wiki

Quick overview - The Angles of Death (AOD) has been around for 10+ years. We are a PC oriented clan. We promoted a honor based gaming style and we always respect each other. We have a Code of Conduct that has not changed since AOD was made. We consider each other part of our family and we learn to have fun, while we are playing serious. We our now expanding into 10 games and have a total of 1400+ members. We offer a good experience that most love and we think that you should become part of our family to.

What you will get with us - In AOD you will become immerse into fun games and friendly people. We will have our own Brink servers and plan on playing competitively. We have a ventrilo server so you may talk with us and learn to know us. We hope to continue giving everyone the best experience that we can.

If you wish to more about us or would like to join please join either our website , steam group http://steamcommunit...roups/aodbrink/ or xfire group

AOD's Current Servers:

AOD Stomping Grounds Objective #1

AOD Stomping Grounds Objective #2

AOD Stomping Grounds Stopwatch