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We are less concerned about the quantity of members, and more so the quality. We strive on getting to know one another. Being able to have a competent friend watch our backs on and off the battlefield is a big bonus.

Clan Details[]

  • Clan Name: Rangers Clan
  • Game & Platform: Battlefield 4 - PC
  • Current Member Count: 10-15
  • TeamSpeak 3 Server: Yes
  • Game Server: Yes
  • Website:

How To Apply[]

1. Go to 2. Register on our forums
3. Read our rules/regulations
4. Visit the "Apply" page and send your application

Clan Style/Type: Community/Group/Friends[]

As you will read later in this post, we used to be a medium core military based group, but found that what really kept people coming back was a "good time" - so now we are more of a well structured group of friends!

Rank System: Militaristic/Duty[]

Your rank is based off the amount of work you do for the clan, not who you know, not how much you donate. We find this works best because it gives purpose behind the stripes.


We are about 5 years old. To some this is OLD, but compared to others not so much. We started waaaaaay back in the pre Battlefield Heroes era. Yes, a cartoon 3rd person shooter. "Mr_JimWest"; a huge name in the BFH community at the time, started this clan to be a hardcore dedicated Battlefield players heaven. Although this worked out great in the beginning, the game (BF:Heroes) went sour. After this, the clan devoted itself to Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3. Now that Battlefield 4 is being released, we are moving onto this revolutionary game. We have had our ups and downs, and now have focused the clan even more on the enjoyment of the game, hanging and chatting with each other, and Thrash'n with a passion!


The Rangers are Battlefield buffs, and although we are always playing other games (CIV, MOH, COH), our main focus currently lies with the Battlefield series.


"Thrash'n with a passion - Rangers for life!"


The mission of the Rangers Battlefield 4 clan is to bring fun, strategy, and community to BF4. Having teammates that you can count on, using skills learned, and getting to know people – it's impossible not to have a great time. We want all our members to be enjoying themselves, and we make it happen. With men and from around the world – this clan flourishes on originality, team work, and dedication.


People can dazzle you with graphics, people can persuade you with numbers, but the Rangers rely on its members, its self, and respect! We are the elite, numbers aren’t needed - and being showy is disgraceful. Anyone can just simply be accepted into a clan, but the Rangers exceed that expectation, and we expect members to do the same!

Being accepted into a clan is nothing - being accepted into the Rangers is EVERYTHING!