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Our Purpose[]

Symbol of the Knights

The Knights are the elites of Ark Security Forces. Our purpose is to uphold the law, keep the peace, and (most recently) preserve honor and chivalry in the face of Armageddon. The "guest" uprising should be contained but (in our eyes) the "guests' should not be destroyed. This uprising is due to overreaction and panic and should be treated as such if humanity is to survive. However, if the "Resistance" wishes to fight us and what we stand for.....let them come.

Our Skills[]

The Knights, as a whole, are skilled in a wide rang of fields. Each Knight is skilled in one or more combat technique and skill. Here is a list of Knights and their specialties:




Our Ranks[]

Rank 1- The leader of the knights is the only one with this rank.

Rank +2- The second rank and highest a knight can get to without being the leader. When a knight reaches this rank he or she will recieve their own unquie title. Knights of this rank are considered High Generals.

Rank 2- The third rank. Knights of this rank are given the title of Solar Knight and are seen as generals.

Rank 3- The fourth rank. Knights of this rank are given the title of Grand Knight and are seen as lieutenants.

Rank 4- The fifth rank. Knights of this rank are given the simple title of Knight and are seen as privates.


If you wish to join the knights please go to our official website :

Click on the "Recruitment" tab and fill out an application. Its a short and simple process.


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