Brink Wiki

A neutral Command Post.

Command Posts are interaction points on maps that allow players to change Class, Weapons and refill their ammo. Each map contains four Command Posts, one for each team's spawn and two within the combat area that start neutral.

Using a Command Post does not pause the game, and leaves the player vulnerable either while using or capturing it. The owner of the Command Post is indicated by the faction logo displayed on its screens.

Neutral Command Posts[]

Firewall Progress Bar.

There is a Health and a Supply Command Post available for either team to capture which provides a mid-map supply point and a team-wide bonus pip of health or supplies depending on which post is captured.

Operatives and Engineer both possess Abilities to increase the effectiveness of neutral Command Posts, both of which are applied by interacting with the Command Post for a short time. Operatives have Firewall Command Post which increases the length of time it takes enemies to recapture it and Engineers with Command Post Upgrade can double the bonus provided to two pips.

The effect of Health Command Posts stacks with similar bonuses provided by Battle Hardened and Medic Buffs. The pips will grant 30, 25, 20, 15 and 10 health bonuses respectively; totalling a maximum of 100 health bonus.