Brink Wiki

CP 101.png

Command Posts are spread throughout the map, and are used to do such things as instantly change a player's class and weapon loadouts and refill ammo. They utilize the radial menu system seen in other games. The menu system can also be used in the field as well, but is more used for choosing which objective to do. Using a Command Post doesn’t pause the game - the user will still be vulnerable. Command Posts can be captured and re-captured by opposing factions. The controlling team of a command post is indicated on its screens.

  • Some Command Posts will give boosts to the team that controls them, like increased health or weapon damage, and these bonuses will stack when more Command Posts are captured. However, the enemy will be alerted when a post is captured, so be prepared to defend them.
  • The Engineer and Operative classes have abilities that allow them to modify Command posts even further. An engineer can Upgrade the command post so that it gives even stronger benefits to the team as a whole, and an operative can place a Firewall on it, so that it becomes much harder for enemies to steal it once it is under another faction's control.