Brink Wiki

Below is a complete list of Brink commands.

aasStats show AAS statistics
AC_qos automatically connects to the best (ping-time) server found
acceptVidMode Save the video mode settings
activateAFs activates idAFEntity based entities
activateContent Activate DLC
activateSoundMixer activates a sound mixer
addChatLine internal use - core to game chat lines
addObituaryLine internal use - core to add obituary lines
addPerformanceQuery Displays a new performance query
admin perform administration commands
applyServerConfig Applies a named server config.
autoConnect automatically connects to the first server found
bind binds a command to a key
buildFrequencies build a frequency table for the fixed huffman compressor
calcMinDist calc required min dist given [prevmindist] [prevmaxdist] [distmult] [newmaxdist] [newdistmult]
callvote call a vote to change server settings, etc
camera Sets the current view to a named camera entity, or clear the camera if no name is given
cameraNext Sets the current view to the next camera found in the map
cameraPrev Sets the current view to the previous camera found in the map
campaign perform campaign commands
cancelEvaluateServers Cancels the Evaluate Servers Message box
cancelHostMigration Cancels the Host Migration Message box
cancelSessionSearch Cancels the Session Search Message box
chatPlayerProfileIndex Chats to the user of a specified client index
clanJoinMatch Matchmake into clan challenge for given index.
clear clears the console
clearCCFModelCache removes any old entries from the ccf model cache, so systems that don't use the cache can make use of them
clearGlyphCache clears the glyph cache
clearLights clears all lights
clearPerformanceQueries Removes all performance queries
clearToolTipCookies clears all tooltip state cookies, so they will be played again
clearVirtualCache Clears physical cache, requiring all pages to be reloaded
clientReady Sets player ready for first spawn
collisionModelInfo shows collision model info
combineCubeImages combines six images for roq compression
compileRenderProgram runs through the specified (all, if no argument) renderProgram and processes it into its text form, ready for compiling
compressVirtualPageFile compress a page file
conDump dumps the console text to a file
connect connects to a server
connectHijack hijack and connect to a dedicated server
crash causes a crash
createChallenge creates a challenge with a given map
createTournament creates a tournament with given playlist settings
cubeToSkybox converts a cubemap to a skybox (uses less memory than a full cubemap but only stores half a sphere)
cutNetDemo cuts a network demo if valid markers are set
cutsceneWeaponFire Fire off the weapon for all animated actors currently not hidden.
cvar_restart restart the cvar system
cvarAdd adds a value to a cvar
cvarMultiply multiplies a value to a cvar
cycle cycles a cvar
damage apply damage to an entity
deactivateContent Deactivate DLC
deactivateSoundMixer deactivates a sound mixer
debugMapIntro Debug map intro for players.
declMemoryReport provides a memory report for loaded declarations
deleteCharacter Delete a profile character.
demiGod enables demi god mode. Can never have less than 1 health.
devmap spawns a map
dir lists a folder
dirtree lists a folder with subfolders
disconnect disconnects from a game
dumpCVars writes out all cvars to base/cvars_<date/time>.txt
dumpMemoryUsage Dumps various list* results to csv file
dumpPhysicsSet Dumps out the models for a specified physics set.
dumpProficiencyData Dumps out the proficiency events.
dumpScript unloads scripts
dumpSounds dump all sound sample info to sound_dump.csv
dumpToolTips dumps out all the tooltips to tooltips.txt
dumpWarnings dumps warnings to a text file
echo prints text
endGame Force end a game. Optional team that wins
enterChallenge sets server info to enter a given challenge
entityCommand runs the specified command on all sdCommandEntities currently spawned
envshot takes an environment shot
error causes an error
exec executes a config file
exit exits the game
exportGameScriptEvents exports code for using entity events from game script
findFreeString finds the next free string id
findServers Starts a Session Search task
finishBuild finishes the build process
fireteam perform fireteam related commands
flythroughBandings Launches the flythrough camera and dumps fps bandings to csv file when finished.
freeze freezes the game for a number of seconds
fs_flushCache Flush ram and disk caches.
game_memory displays game class info
gameCrash cause a crash in the game module (dev purposes)
generateBitmapFont generates a bitmap font from a vector one
generateNetDemoKeyFrames generate a keyframe file for a network demo
generateSmileyFont generates a bitmap font with all in-game button smileys
getServerRules Stops a Session Search task
getviewpos prints the current view position (x y z) yaw pitch roll
gfxInfo show graphics info
give gives one or more items
giveItem gives an item
giveProficieny Dumps out the proficiency events.
god enables god mode
gpuPerformanceQueries Add a standard set of gpu performance queries (this needs an instrumented nvidia driver)
halfSphereToCube converts spheremap to cubemap
halfSphereToSkybox converts spheremap to a skybox
health sets the players health
hideSurface hides surface for testmodel
htmlCVars write out the cvars to cvars.html
in_restart restarts the input system
in_rumble Enables (1-255) or disables (0) the rumble and sets mode to off|deep|forceful|full|gentle|tingling
incap incapacitates the player
invitePlayer Shows the GUI to invite a player
keepTestModel keeps the last test model in the game
keyFrameNext advances to the next key frame while playing back a network demo
keyFramePrev reverses to the previous key frame while playing back a network demo
kill kills the player
killAllBots causes all bots on the server to suicide and respawn
killClass removes all entities of 'class'
killMoveables removes all moveables
killRagdolls removes all ragdolls
killType removes all entities of 'type'
leaderboardReadFriends Reads leaderboard entries for user and their friends
leaderboardReadPivot Reads a number of leaderboard entries pivoted around current user's rank
leaderboardReadRank Reads a number of leaderboard entries starting from a given rank
leaderboardWrite Writes score entry to a leaderboard for the current logged in user
listAbilities lists abilities - optional parameter is the client number
listActiveEntities lists active game entities
listAnimDefProblems list the differences between security average and resistance average
listAnims lists all animations
listAntiLagObjects List all objects we're recording historic data for.
listBinds lists key bindings
listCCFJoints Lists the names of the joints in a ccf mesh file
listCharacterModels Lists the state of active character models
listCharacters List all characters for profile.
listClasses lists game classes
listClientEntities lists Client Entities
listCmds lists commands
listCollisionModels lists collision models
listControllers lists connected controllers and their unique hashes
listCVars lists cvars
listDeclFolders list the types of decls present in folders
listDefaultedSoundShaders lists all defaulted sound shaders
listDictKeys lists all keys used by dictionaries
listDictValues lists all values used by dictionaries
listEntities lists game entities
listEvents lists all active events
listEventUseCount lists how often events have been run
listFailedBotActions list failed bot actions.
listFriends List the friend for all clients.

-1 = no friend found -2 = invalid net client id

listGameCmds lists game commands
listGames shows breakdown of fps
listGUIDefines lists all GUI defines.
listGUIs lists all allocated GUIs
listImages lists images
listMapUnlocks list map unlocks.
listModelCache Lists entries in the player model cache
listModels lists all models
listModes lists all video modes
listNetworkEntities lists networked synced game entities
listPerformanceQueries Lists the available performance queries
listPrimaryBotActions List all primary bot actions for a bot and a debug trace to bot action origins.
listProfileUnlocks list unlocks unlocked in the profile.
listQuickStartSounds lists all sound samples which quick start (e.g. cutscenes)
listRendererCmds lists renderer commands
listRenderLights lists the render lights
listRenderModels lists the render models
listRenderWorlds lists all render worlds
listScriptObjects lists script objects
listSelectedAbilities lists abilities - optional parameter is the client number
listSoundCmds lists sound commands
listSounds lists all sound samples
listSoundShaders lists all sound shaders
listSoundShadersLengths lists non-looping sound shaders with their longest sample length
listSpawnArgs list the spawn args of an entity
listSystemCmds lists system commands
listThreads lists script threads
listToolCmds lists tool commands
listUnlockedDLC list all unlocked DLC.
listUnlocks list all unlocks.
listVisibilityEntities lists unlocks unlocked
lookupChallenges query hydra for a list of clan challenges
makeAmbientMap makes an ambient map
makeEnvMaps Recreates the environment maps for the level
makePerlin makes perlin nose maps
makeSounds loads all sound shaders and outputs a the entire list of sound files to
mapshot takes an environment shot
matchStateMigration Migrate match state to currently set primary/other states
matchStateOther Set the other match states
matchStatePrimary Set the primary match state
memoryReport Dumps csv reports containing model/image/ao memory usage
memShowRenderMemUsage shows current usage of VRAM
memStat Print current memory statistics.
modulateLights modifies shader parms on all lights
muteClientIndex Mutes a client
muteMic Mutes your microphone
muteVoice Mutes all clients voices
networkSpawn spawns a game entity during a network game
nextAnim shows next animation on test model
nextFrame shows next animation frame on test model
nextMap change to the next map
noclip disables collision detection for the player
notarget disables the player as a target
p 2p_qos Gathers all the P2P connection data
parse prints tokenized string
path lists search paths
pauseGame pauses the game
pauseNetDemo toggles pause while playing back a network demo
pausePhysicsSet Stops the objects in a physics set from moving.
placeDemoCutEndMarker places end marker for demo cutting
placeDemoCutStartMarker places start marker for demo cutting
playJumpStartDemo plays back a jump start demo
playNetDemo plays back a network demo
playPhysicsDemo Starts playing back a physics demo for the given set.
popLight removes the last created light
popPerformanceQuery Removes a performance query
prevAnim shows previous animation on test model
prevFrame shows previous animation frame on test model
printActiveAndCompositeQueues Print active and composite queues
printCameraRealFrames Prints actual camera frames for camera decl
printDecl print decl TOC info
printGuiProperty Prints a property in the named gui
printGuiStats Prints statistics for a gui
printModel prints model info
printRenderWorld prints a render world
printUserGUID prints the guid of the currently logged in user
prof_draw Enables or disables drawing graphs
prof_fullscreen Enables or disables drawing graphs using the entire screen
profileDefaultPlayerClass Sets the default player class for character currently loaded
profileWeaponPrimary Sets the default primary weapon character currently loaded
profileWeaponReset Resets the default weapons for character currently loaded
profileWeaponSecondary Sets the default secondary weapon character currently loaded
ps_restart Restarts the particle system.
ps_spawn Spawns a particle system based on the specified decl.
ps_stop Stops the particle system.
quit quits the game
rcon sends remote console command to server
reconnect reconnect to the last server we tried to connect to
reconnectOnlineServices Reconnect to Online Services
recordNetDemo records a network demo
recordPhysicsDemo Starts recording physics for the given set.
refreshCurrentServers Refreshes all the servers in the current server list
refreshServer Refreshes an individual server in the current server list
refuseInviteMessage Refuse a sdnet invite message.
regenerateVirtualPageFile regenerate a page file
reloadAnims reloads animations
reloadDecls reloads declarations
reloadEngine reloads the engine down, including the file system
reloadGuiGlobals reloads gloabal gui properties
reloadImages reloads images
reloadLanguage reload language dictionaries
reloadModels reloads models
reloadScript reloads scripts
reloadSoundEffects reloads all sound effects
reloadSounds reloads all sounds
reloadSurface reloads the decl and images for selected surface
reloadUserGroups reloads user groups
reloadVirtualMaterials reloads virtual materials
remove removes an entity
renderNetDemo plays back a network demo, capturing frames to disk
reparseDecls reparses declarations
reportAnimState Reports the entity number's current animation state
reportImageDuplication checks all referenced images for duplications
reportPakChecksums reports a set of MD5 hashes for pak files
reset resets a cvar
resetAllBotsGoals causes all bots to dump their current goals and start fresh
resetPhysicsSet Resets the objects in a physics set to their spawning positions.
resetSurfaces shows all surfaces for testmodel
restoreVidMode Restore the video mode to the last valid setting
rewriteSoundShaders loads all sound shaders from disk and writes them back out to disk, useful to enforce a once off formatting change
s_restart restarts the sound system
savedata_ForceDevice Test function to test forcefully changing the storage device
saveVidMode Save the video mode settings
say text chat
sayFireteam fireteam text chat
sayTeam team text chat
screenshot takes a PNG screenshot
screenshotTGA takes a TGA screenshot
sdnetDeleteAllFavoriteServers Delete all favorite servers
sdnetPrintAuthPeerList Print information about the auth peers list
sdnetPrintPanicStates Print information about all peers and their panic state
sdnetSetPresence Forcibly set presence
sdNetTaskCheck Lists undeleted sdNetTasks
sdnetTestSteamIntefaces Test Steam interfaces
sdnetUpdatePresence Forcibly update presence
selectPerk Give an ability.
serverInfo shows server info
serverMapRestart restart the current game
serverStartDemos forces all clients to start recording demos
set sets a cvar
seta sets a cvar and flags it as archive
setActiveScreen sets which local client to view from
setCharacter Set a profile character as the current.
setGuiProperty Sets a property in the named gui
setHydraVerboseMode set the verbose flag within libcurl for debugging Hydra calls
setInviteMessage Simulate the reception of a sdnet invite message.
setMachineSpec detects system capabilities and sets com_machineSpec to appropriate value
setNoReverb sets the current reverb to NULL
setp sets a cvar and flags it as archive and profile
setReverb sets the current reverb
sets sets a cvar and flags it as server info
setSpectateClient switches to spectating the client specified, either by name or index
sett sets a cvar and flags it as tool
setu sets a cvar and flags it as user info
setviewpos sets the current view position (x y z) yaw pitch roll
shaderPerformance Export some shader performance info
showChallengeMembers shows hydra challenge members <index>
showChallenges shows open hydra challenge info
showClanInfo show user's retrieved clan info
showCommunitySessions Shows the Guide's community sessions UI (360)
showDictMemory shows memory used by dictionaries
showFPSBandings shows breakdown of fps
showHydraFeeds shows hydra feed items [optionally pass in language, defaults to sys_lang setting]
showHydraMatches shows hydra matches <page> <mode>
showInteractionMemory shows memory used by interactions
showSignInUI Shows the user sign in UI
showStringMemory shows memory used by strings
showSurface show surface for testmodel
showVPFCacheStats Shows virtual page file cache stats
sizeDown makes the rendered view smaller
sizeUp makes the rendered view larger
soundMemStat shows the memory stats for sound subsystems
spawn spawns a game entity
spawnServer spawns a server
startBuild prepares to make a build
startInternetHost spawns a server which does not report to the master server
startLANHost spawns a server which reports to the master server
startOfflineHost spawns a server with no network capabilities
stats stats debugging tool
stopFindingServers Stops a Session Search task
stopNetDemo stops network demo recording
stopPhysicsDemo Stops recording/playing back physics for the given set.
teleport teleports the player to an entity location
testAnim tests an animation
testAutoChatter plays an autochat declaration
testBlend tests animation blending
testClearAbilities Clear abilities for the local player. Removes total xp, abilities bought and dpad binds.
testClearUnlocks Clear all unlocks.
testDecls runs through all declarations and checks for broken/defaulted ones
testFade View fade testing.
testGiveAbility Give an ability.
testGiveAchievement Give an achievement by decl name.
testGiveAllUnlocks Gives all unlocks.
testGiveRank Give a certain rank to a profile.
testGiveRankLevel Give a certain rank level to a profile.
testGiveRankXp Give XP to a profile directly.
testGiveUnlock Gives an unlock.
testGiveUnlockId Give unlocks of a certain id to local player.
testGUI Replace the main menu with a test gui.
testHasAbility Has an ability.
testImage displays the given image centered on screen
testLight tests a light
testMissionIntelGathering Spawn an intel gathering mission if it doesn't exist already. Intel gathering map entity is required.
testMissionSuperBuffs Spawn an super buff mission if it doesn't exist already. Map with Super buff nodes required.
testModel tests a model
testNarrator tests the narrator via autochatter
testParticleStopTime tests particle stop time on a test model
testPointLight tests a point light
testPrecache Precaches an entitydef, then spawns it, to check for any additional unprecached media
testQueueSound tests queueing a sound
testRadio tests the radio effect by getting a random actor to say a random line of speech
testRadioCommander tests the commander via autochatter
testRemoveAbility Sell an ability.
testRemoveUnlock Removes an unlock.
testShaderParm sets a shaderParm on an existing testModel
testSIMD test SIMD code
testSkin tests a skin on an existing testModel
testSound tests a sound
testSoundEffect tests a sound effect
testSpeakers tests the speaker setup by saying their names out of each speaker in turn
testSpeech play a random sound shader with the string 'autochatter' in the name
testTransferXP Transfer XP between characters for a profile.
testTriggerSound tests triggering a queued sound
testVoicePack play a random voice pack sound shader
testVVISA test VVISA code
testWarning test warnings!
timeNetDemo times a network demo
toggle toggles a cvar
toggleCheatContext Toggle the cheat context (controller can access commands).
toggleNetDemo toggles demo recording status
togglePause toggle game pause
touch touches a decl
touchFile touches a file
touchFileList touches a list of files
touchMedia Touch (CCF) media in order to get generated.
touchModel touches a model
trigger triggers an entity
triggerSchedule triggers the schedule notifier
trueSkillRead Reads the true skill values
trueSkillWrite Write true skill for all users in the current session
unbind unbinds any command from a key
unbindall unbinds any commands from all keys
unmuteClientIndex Unmutes a client
unmuteMic Unmutes your microphone
unmuteVoice Unmutes all clients voices
unPauseGame unpauses the game
unPausePhysicsSet Lets the objects in a physics set move after having been paused.
updateAssetTextures Converts all asset textures from tga to ccfimage
validateModel validates a model
validateVirtualCache Validates virtual texture cache
vid_restart resizes/fullscreens the game window
viewPlayerProfileIndex Shows the profile of a specified client index
viewPlayerProfileRank Shows the profile of a specified rank on the current leaderboard
vote send your vote response
vstr inserts the current value of a cvar as command text
wait delays remaining buffered commands one or more frames
where prints the current view position (x y z) yaw pitch roll
wikiCVars write out the cvars to cvars.txt, suitable for pasting into wiki
winExceptionHandler 1 enables the built-in exception handling, 0 disables it.
writeConfig writes a config file
writeImage writes the given image to disk
writeJumpStartDemo writes a jump start demo file, allows you to start further in a demo
writeTitleStorage Generates small title storage data file
writeVirtualPageFile Writes the given page file to disk
zoomInCommandMap zoom in the command map
zoomOutCommandMap zoom out the command map