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Comms Hack
BRINK Comms Hack icon.png
Class Operative
Rank 2
Passive True

Comms Hack is an Operative Ability in Brink.


Comms Hack lets you extract tactical intel from incapacitated enemies. If successful, every enemy’s location will be shown on your teammate’s radar, giving your team a huge advantage. The effect will only last for a brief time.


This allows Operatives to interact with incapacitated enemies in order to momentarily reveal other enemies' positions on radar. The effects of this ability also extend to enemy equipment such as Landmines and Turrets.

A downside to this ability is that only enemies not on the radar triggers Combat Intuition, so it will not work for any of the operative's teammates for the duration of the Comms Hack.

Player Notes[]

  • As Combat Intuition only triggers for enemies who are not already on radar, Comms Hack will in fact negate this ability during its duration.
  • Unlike diguising, Comms Hacking uses one supply pip.


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