Cortex Bomb
BRINK Cortex Bomb icon.png
Class Operative
Rank 4
Passive False

Cortex Bomb is an Operative Ability in Brink.


The Cortex Bomb is a surgically planted explosive charge that can be detonated when you’re incapacitated, eliminating any nearby enemies.


This is a charge that can be detonated when Incapacitated and deals relatively large damage in comparison to regular unbuffed Frag Grenades. Teammates nearby to the player will call out when an Operative is downed with a Cortex Bomb. This gives the player an opportunity to escape its area of effect.

The use of a Cortex Bomb prevents one from being able to wait for a Medic to revive you, as the ability's mechanic is based around being a martyr. There is also a brief delay after being Incapacitated before the Cortex Bomb can be activated, resulting in two choices: either self-detonating or waiting for support from a Medic.

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