The DOOM Pack is a pre-order customization pack available through GameStop and in the US, GAME and Gamestation in the UK (When pre-ordered from GAME, the Spec Ops Pack will also be included as part of a double pack), and Steam.

"Spread fear amongst your enemies with this exclusive character customization pack based on the world-famous DOOM games by id Software. Filled with a unique set of hellish customization options for both Security and Resistance characters, the DOOM Pack will make you stand out from the crowd and bring Hell to the Ark." - DOOM Pack description

The DOOM Pack contains:

  • Unique "Hellspawn" body tattoo
  • Exclusive UAC (Security) and Cacodemon (Resistance) customized skins for the Bulpdaun SMG
  • Exclusive UAC Marine Body Armor (Security) and Lost Soul Screaming Skull (Resistance) t-shirts
  • Exclusive UAC be
    Security doom pack

    Doom Pack for Security

    anie cap (Security) and DOOM bandana (Resistance)
Doom skin

One of the skins on the gun

DOOM Pack brink

Brink Pre-Prder Pack for Gamestop