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The DOOM Pack is a pre-order customization pack available through GameStop and in the US, GAME and Gamestation in the UK (When pre-ordered from GAME, the Spec Ops Pack will also be included as part of a double pack), and Steam.

"Spread fear amongst your enemies with this exclusive character customization pack based on the world-famous DOOM games by id Software. Filled with a unique set of hellish customization options for both Security and Resistance characters, the DOOM Pack will make you stand out from the crowd and bring Hell to the Ark." - DOOM Pack description

The DOOM Pack contains:

  • Unique "Hellspawn" body tattoo
  • Exclusive UAC (Security) and Cacodemon (Resistance) customized skins for the Bulpdaun SMG
  • Exclusive UAC Marine Body Armor (Security) and Lost Soul Screaming Skull (Resistance) t-shirts
  • Exclusive UAC be

    Doom Pack for Security

    anie cap (Security) and DOOM bandana (Resistance)

One of the skins on the gun

Brink Pre-Prder Pack for Gamestop