Brink Wiki

The following are tips provided by the developers and displayed during load screens:


  • A high level Soldier can blow all his Satchel Charges at once by pressing GRENADE(with the ability selected) while they're equipped.
  • A high level Operative can Remote Control a friendly Turret, making it much more lethal than normal.
  • An EMP grenade can slow down progress on some Primary Objectives, shut down electronically detonated weapons, and interfere with Comms Hacks and disrupt enemy player radar.
  • An enemy singled out by a Homing Beacon will be visible through walls for a short period of time.
  • An enemy with Adrenaline is highlighted with an orange halo. They cannot die while the Adrenaline is active, but they can be knocked down!
  • Enemy Landmines are invisible until an Operative spots them, or until you step on them.
  • Hide Turrets to create a nasty surprise for your enemy.
  • High level Operatives can Comms Hack an Incapacitated enemy, and all Operatives can disguise themselves as a Dead enemy.
  • If an enemy Operative plants a Homing Beacon on you, all enemies will see exactly where you are at all times until the effect wears off.
  • If you decide you don't like a character's Abilities, you can reset them at the cost of a 1 level demotion.
  • If you don't step off a Landmine, an Engineer can defuse it to save you.
  • If you get hit by an enemy Sticky Bomb, you've only got a few seconds to find a teammate who can remove it from you.
  • If you hear a loud beeping sound coming from an Incapacitated enemy's body, it means they've got a Cortex Bomb and are about to explode!
  • If you see an enemy laying on the ground with a gun in their hand, watch out! They're not dead, and they can still fire at you.
  • If you see glowing red spikes, it means an enemy has put down Caltrops. As long as you walk slowly through them, you won't take any damage.
  • If you see sparks and hear a specific hit sound when shooting an enemy, that means they've got an Armor upgrade, and will be tougher to take down.
  • Landmines are very effective when placed in choke points.
  • Many abilities have a cooldown period that must expire before they can be used again, so being tactical is critical.
  • Once an Operative spots an enemy Landmine, anyone can destroy it with a Frag grenade or sustained weapon fire.
  • When you step on a Landmine, it won't detonate until you step off.
  • With the Silent Movement ability, plus silencers on your weapons, you'll never appear on enemy radars unless they actually see you.
  • You can see the status of your Turret or Landmines on the HUD in the lower left of the screen.


  • A glowing weapon indicated it's been upgraded by an Engineer and does more damage.
  • As a Medic, use the Objective Wheel to tell your teammate you're coming to Revive them. They might be more inclined to wait for you.
  • Buffing is the key to gaining the upper hand in combat.
  • Keeping your team buffed up will boost their performance greatly.
  • Medics supply Incapacitated teammates with Revive Syringes. The Incapacitated teammates decide when it's best to get up.
  • Self-Buffing gives you no XP and is subject to a cooldown delay. Always buff teammates first.
  • Teammates like you if you share: try buffing other players on your team before yourself.


  • Be careful. Even when Friendly Fire is off, you can still be hurt by your own explosives.
  • Elevated positions are tactically advantageous, make good use of them.
  • Exploring the Objective Wheel may leave you exposed to enemy fire. If in a hurry, simply TAP the button to get the most important Objective.
  • From anywhere in the world, you can look at the information over your teammates' heads to see if they need your help.
  • Grenade danger indicators show the grenade's fuse time - but beware, a grenade can be detonated in other ways...
  • Hold GRENADE to "cook" standard Frag grenades before releasing it to throw them: this way you can control when they explode.
  • If an Operative hacks the communication channel of the enemy, everyone on his team will know the location of every enemy, but only temporarily.
  • If you suspect someone of being an enemy in disguise, trust your instinct and shoot at them. You might be revealing an Operative, or you might just be wasting bullets.
  • It's easier to hit targets with splash damage weapons by aiming at their feet rather than their body.
  • Keep an eye out for climbing paths that will let you get the drop on the enemy.
  • Often you can avoid grenade damage by running forwards, past the grenade.
  • Remember, regular Frag grenades knock the enemy down but rarely kill. A high level Soldier's upgraded Frags are much more lethal.
  • Sliding is a great way to avoid enemy fire.
  • There is great strength in numbers: stick with friendly teammates, and avoid confrontation when you're outnumbered.
  • When a teammate announces they've spotted an enemy, you'll be able to see that enemy on your radar for a short time.
  • When knocked down, shoot at enemies trying to finish you off with their melee attacks.
  • When your Health falls dangerously low, get out of the line of fire, seek cover and wait for your health to recharge.
  • You can look around while Incapacitated to watch for Medics who may be coming to revive you.

Command Posts[]

  • As well as Class, you can change your Primary and Secondary Weapons at a Command Post at any time.
  • Capturing Command Posts gives your entire team either extra Health or extra Supplies.
  • High level Engineers can upgrade Command Posts, doubling their positive effect on the team.
  • High level Operatives can firewall Command posts, making it very difficult for the enemy to capture them.
  • It's always better for a Soldier to restock and augment your Ammo supply, but Command Posts will do a basic refill.
  • You lose any buffs you've applied to yourself when switching classes. Your deployables disappear as well. (Does not apply to ammo buffs)


  • Brink can be complex. If you're feeling overwhelmed, stick with your teammates and take it one Objective at a time.
  • Brink's most important rule: move more than you shoot.
  • Challenges let you tune your Brink skills, and can unlock powerful Weapons and Attachments.
  • Check the Tips Database for in-depth details on all game functions.
  • Complete the final level of a Challenge to unlock Leaderboards.
  • Every time you level up, you'll unlock new clothing options, which you can apply to all your characters.
  • If you join a Fireteam, you're guaranteed to stick with those players in every map until you return to the main menu.
  • In Campaign mode, you can play through Brink's storyline in a friendly environment. In Freeplay mode, you can set up online matches to work any way you like.
  • In Stopwatch mode, both teams take it in turn to complete a given level's Objectives as quickly as possible.
  • The Heavy Body Type is less mobile, but has greater Health and can access better weaponry.
  • The Light Body Type is fragile but can traverse the environment faster and climb higher.
  • Try adjusting your controls in Menu-Options-Controls. You can remap almost any action.
  • When Incapacitated, waiting for a Medic to Revive you can earn you extra XP.
  • While online in a standard Campaign match, if you want to communicate with other players, form a Fireteam on the Spawn Menu Scoreboard.
  • While watching cutscenes, you can use the Spawn Menu to change class and weapons, as well as make Fireteams.
  • While you're Dead and waiting to join the reinforcements, you can press FIRE to spectate your teammates.
  • You'll earn more XP and level up much faster if you buff your teammates and complete Objectives. XP for kills is much slower.


  • Don't forget the Objective! Make sure your team always has a player of the Primary Objective class type.
  • Defend the Objective! Do not get drawn too far away from the Primary Objective: protecting it should be your focus.
  • Every time the attackers complete a Primary Objective, more time is added to the clock.
  • Guard the bomb! Once you've planted an HE Charge make sure you protect it or enemy Engineers will disarm it.
  • Hacking Objectives is done remotely: try to find hidden spots to hack from, but remember to protect your HackBox.
  • If you use the Objective Wheel, you could create new missions for your teammates to help you.
  • If you're aiming at a potential Objective item or person and TAP the Objective Wheel, you'll automatically take that Objective.
  • If you're in the process of completing a Primary Objective when time runs out, the game will go into overtime, giving you a few precious extra seconds.
  • The farther away you move from your HackBox while hacking, the slower your progress becomes.
  • The Objective Wheel will tell you when it's a good idea to change classes.
  • The options on the Objective Wheel are always changing, it's useful to check it often.
  • The Primary Objective is always at 12 o'clock on the Objective Wheel.
  • Using the Objective Wheel gives you more XP per task, and also lets your teammates know what you're doing.
  • You can always TAP the Objective Wheel to be assigned the most important mission of the moment.
  • You earn a constant stream of XP when sticking close to your escort target.
  • You'll earn a constant stream of XP when you're standing guard near a Primary Objective. You'll also earn more XP per kill while standing guard.


  • Accuracy with Assault Rifles is increased greatly by Iron-Sighting and firing in short bursts.
  • Customizing your weapons lets you tune them to your preferred style of play.
  • Firing in short bursts is much more accurate than spraying.
  • If you're firing and missing a lot, you may just be firing from too far away to be effective with your current gun.
  • Iron-Sighting or Crouching increases your weapon accuracy.
  • It is sometimes easier to aim by moving left and right while keeping the crosshair still.
  • Reload your weapon often: a nearly-empty gun is more dangerous to you than your enemies.
  • Pistols might seem weak, but the offhand knife gives a powerful melee strike.
  • Put a Muzzle Brake and Front Grip on your weapon to make it more accurate when firing from the hip.
  • Successful headshots do significantly more damage than hits to the body, while shots to the legs do less damage.
  • Switching weapons is often quicker than reloading, and can make the difference in firefights.
  • When you aim at an enemy, you'll automatically notify your teammates of his location.
  • When you run out of Ammo in a fire fight, it's always wiser to switch to your backup weapon, than wait for a reload.
  • While Iron-Sighting, you can hold Q to lean left or hold E to lean right.
  • Your accuracy is lowered when you are knocked down. Get up if there's no immediate danger.


  • Falling into a mantle grab results in a slower climb than jumping up into it.
  • If you want to run at full speed without accidentally vaulting over ledges, tap Sprint instead of holding it.
  • The Light Body Type can Wall-Hop by hitting JUMP when they collide with a wall.
  • To slide, hit Crouch while sprinting.
  • When facing an obstacle, hold SPRINT to climb over it.
  • You can cancel a Mantle by pulling away from the ledge.