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The Director of Maintenance oversees various engineering tasks on the Ark. His duties seem to include overseeing Guest workers in the Lower Ark.

The Director appears to have ties to the Resistance. In the year 2044, he told Security Captain Clinton Mokoena that Pelgo 1014 was structurally unsound and falling into the sea; he and Mokoena agreed that Security patrols near that pelgo should be discontinued. However, when a Security officer disobeyed orders and patrolled near the pelgo anyway, that officer discovered that the pelgo was in fact safe, and that the Resistance had been using it as a safehouse for months. When explaining the situation to an unknown person, Mokoena ordered them to have Security Counterintelligence find a suitable replacement for the Director, and rather ominously stated that he would pay the Director "a personal call".[1]


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