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EZ-Nade Select Icon.png
Type Heavy
Sub-Type Grenade Launcher
Unlock Escort Duty **
Damage 75
Rate of Fire 0.495
Accuracy Stand 2.0
Crouch 2.0
Sight 2.0
Reload Speed 5.445
Equip Speed 0.924
Ammo Clip/Max 6/6/12

The EZ-Nade is a Grenade Launcher in Brink.


The EZ-Nade is an extremely useful tool for crowd control. Although it has a smaller explosion radius and damage than the Lobster, it makes up for this deficiency by being capable of firing six grenades relatively quickly. Its downside is that that is has a very long reloading sequence, over 5 seconds, limiting its usefulness.

Like the Lobster however, it also suffers from a low amount of spare ammo; able to completely expend its entire supply in just over 12 seconds. As such, the Soldier class is also best suited for this weapon.


The EZ-Nade is one of three Weapons in Brink with no attachments.

Player Notes[]

  • It is potentially crippling in large-scale warfare: enemies high on health will be shaken (but NOT knocked down, unlike the Lobster) and forced to endure an aiming penalty when hit, while enemies with lower health will simply be Incapacitated.
  • The fuse delay on the grenades means that mobile enemies can escape if all grenades are fired in the same area. Leading shots and spreading fire can trap or force moving targets to slow down.
  • Like with some of the other Heavy weapons, the EZ-Nade benefits greatly from a reactive close-range secondary weapon in case of ambush or other close-range combat. Weapons such as the Euston , the SMGs, or the Mossington can decrease your vulnerability if you are caught off-guard.


  • The term "EZ" is pronounced "easy" and "Nade" is short-hand for "grenade". As such, the name is a pun on the simplicity of getting multiple grenades on target when using this weapon.
  • It appears to be a based on an Mk 19 grenade launcher modified for infantry use.
  • Like the Lobster, the EZ-Nade will fire all of its grenades in a parabolic tracjectory, requiring the player to aim higher if he or she wishes to bombard a target from a further distance.


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