Engineer Logo.png Engineer
Engineer Pic.jpg
Role Support/Area Denial
  • Multi-Tool
  • Landmines
  • Upgrade Tools

The Engineer is a Class in Brink.


An Engineer is concerned primarily with building, repairing, and upgrading things on the battlefield. He can also upgrade his and his teammate's weapons to do more damage, and plant hidden landmines.


Engineers are a support class, aimed on aiding the other members of the team as they push the front line forward. They are also very good at defending choke points for defensive Objectives, eg. a HE Charge.

They come equipped with a Multi-Tool used to complete Build or Repair Objectives and construct objects such as turrets and machine gun nests. They are also able to deploy Landmines used to create areas of denial for the enemy team. Finally, they have Upgrade Tools to buff teammates' and their own weapons.

Engineers are also the only class capable of defusing HE Charges placed by Soldiers and removing Hackboxes placed by Operatives. Their Abilities focus on expanding their supportive mentality by allowing them to construct auto-turrets and further boost their buff and deployment abilities.

Engineer Logo.png Engineer Abilities
BRINK Standard Engineer Kit icon.png
BRINK Gear Head icon.png
BRINK Command Post Upgrade icon.png
BRINK Extra Landmine icon.png
BRINK Landmine icon.png
BRINK Nerves of Steel icon.png
BRINK Medium Turret icon.png
BRINK Pyro Mines icon.png
BRINK Extra Kevlar icon.png
BRINK Light Turret icon.png
BRINK Improved Weapon Buff icon.png
BRINK Gatling Turret icon.png

Player Notes

  • A Landmine will not kill an enemy outright, but will knock them down and cost them a large chunk of health. Placing two Landmines close together using Extra Landmine will usually kill most enemies.
  • You can use Landmines as a form of early warning, as the icon will disappear from your hud when an enemy detonates or removes it.
  • Turrets are most effective when placed in corners or where their flanks are otherwise protected, and facing likely enemy approaches which do not exceed their engagement range.
  • Alternatively, Turrets can be used as decoys or early warning systems for when the player has to defend multiple approaches.
  • Note that Engineers have access to four active abilities which require binding to keys, as such it's important to consider which three are most important.
  • Command Post Upgrade is a potent upgrade; increasing the team's health by up to 50 HP or adding an additional two pips of supplies.
  • A landmine that is triggered by a light body type will kill him, as long as he has no buffs or they are all depleted.

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