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Escort Duty
Sp challenge 01.jpg
Console Name sp/challenge_01
Attacker Security
Objectives 2
Areas 1
MG Nests 0

Escort Duty is a Challenge in Brink. The main objective of Escort Duty is to assist a large robot that needs to get to the other end of a twisted path. Escort Duty simulates the escort missions found in the Campaign and Multiplayer.


Like all challenges, Escort Duty has three different stages ranked by difficulty. Completing a stage unlocks the following stage. All enemies spawn at doors marked by flashing orange lights. One star spawns very few enemies at the least amount of doors. Also, the spawn system is in wave format, meaning that once all enemies are dead they will stay dead until the next door is passed. The Two Star level spawns additional enemies and gets rid of wave spawning. Finally, three star is a very difficult challenge, as enemies continuously spawn in groups of three and make heavy use of Grenades, which do heavy damage to the robot. In addition, the player must escort in the opposite direction.


The challenge score is based on the amount of time it takes to complete as well as several bonuses. In challenge bonuses include repairing the robot and capturing the Command Post that is halfway through the objective. Out of challenge bonuses include headshot and grenade knock-down bonuses.

Video Guides[]

The following shows how to complete the three star version of Escort Duty.


The two star tutorial:


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