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Euston Select Icon.png
Type Medium
Sub-Type Assault Rifle
Damage 25
Rate of Fire 0.066
Accuracy Stand 1.2
Crouch 1.0
Sight 0.8
Reload Speed 1.650
Equip Speed 0.429
Ammo Clip/Max 28/56/112

The Euston is an Assault Rifle in Brink.


The Euston's defining aspect is its high rate of fire, comparable with Submachine Guns. The Euston also has the fastest reload and best stability of the assault rifles, making it ideal for close quarter engagements.

Contrary to popular belief, it actually has moderate damage per shot when compared to the other assault rifles. High rate of fire combined with its lower than average accuracy makes it difficult to control at range.






Player Notes[]

  • The Euston perfectly fills the niche role as a backup weapon for players with the Downed Fire ability, giving a Heavy the maximum available punch when enemy players attempt to close in and finish them off.
    • When paired with the Drognav as a primary weapon, the player has access to a very comparable combination of fast firing, high damage weapons that can cover every range.
  • Due to its statistics, the Euston can more or less be seen as a powerful SMG, as it shares the same rate of fire but does higher damage in comparison.
  • Its accuracy is erratic when firing non-stop so it's rather best to get close up as possible or burst fire for better results.


  • The Euston's appearance is based on the real-life Bushmaster Carbon 15 rifle.
  • The Euston's name can be traced through this similarity. The M4 is built off of the ArmaLite AR-15 assault rifle, designed by Eugene Stoner. Thus, the name Euston is an amalgamation of the first syllables of the designer's names.
  • The words "Pelgo 12" can be seen stenciled on the side of the Resistance Euston. This could be a form of banner, or the location where the weapon was assembled.


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