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Face Gear is a part of character Customization in Brink.


Face Gear is an option for the head that mostly encompasses masks and eye wear. This option is displayed over the various Face Paint and Tattoos & Scars options.

Face Gear is one of the core options featured as part of the various Outfit Archetypes in Brink. Each faction has a completely different selection of Face Gear options and colors are not always shared for each.


"The Look" "The Bouncer" "The Bug" "The Cop Glasses" "The Unit" "The Good Cop"
The Look The Bouncer The Bug The Cop Glasses The Unit The Good Cop
"The Jesse" "The Eel" "The Freak" "The Shield"
The Jesse The Eel The Freak The Shield


"The Goggles" "The Hockey Mask" "The Sweat" "The Firestarter" "The Sad Punk" The Anger
The Goggles The Hockey Mask The Sweat The Firestarter The Sad Punk The Anger
"The Fortress" "The Cannibal" "The Voice" "The Dude"
The Fortress The Cannibal The Voice The Dude

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