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The Fallout Pack is a pre-order customization pack available through Best Buy,, and Steam.

"Attention, wannabe Vault-dwellers! With exclusive Fallout-themed character customization options for both Security and Resistance characters, the Fallout Pack lets you publicly proclaim your affiliation to Vault-Tec’s post nuclear simulation." - Fallout Pack description

The Fallout Pack contains:

  • Unique Fallout Vault 101 body tattoo
  • Exclusive Vault 101 (Security) and Fallout: New Vegas Vault Boy (Resistance) customized skins for the CARB-9 SMG
  • Exclusive Fallout Vault 101 (Security) and Fallout: New Vegas Vault Boy (Resistance) t-shirts
  • Exclusive Vault-Tec beanie cap (Security) and Fallout bandana (Resistance)

    Fallot pack screenshot for the Resistance

    Brink Pre-Order Pack for Best Buy