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Field Regen Unit
BRINK Field Regen Unit icon.png
Class Medic
DLC Agents of Change
Rank 5
Passive False

Field Regen Unit is a Medic Ability in Brink.


Field Regen Units, when deployed, will automatically increase the Health regeneration rate of any teammates nearby.


The Field Regen Unit offers a way for Medics to passively provide aid to those around them. Due to it being a placed item, this ability works well when playing on defense.


  • The effect area is quite small and as such the unit is best placed out of the line of fire to provide a quick healing area for teammates to make use of between battles. The effects stack with those provided by Metabolism.
  • This ability is unique in that it allows players to regenerate lost pips when standing within its healing radius. The only way to regenerate pips previously was to have a Medic re-buff the player(s) individually.
    • Regeneration of pips continues after the player leaves the radius. This allows players to repeatedly run through the radius to start the regeneration of individual pips.


Medic Abilities
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Agents of Change
Maps Founders' Tower · Labs
Abilities Tactical Scanner · Napalm Grenades · Field Regen Unit · Pyro Mines · UAV
Attachments Bayonet · Weapon Shield
Outfits The Limey · The Sad Punk