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Flashbang Grenades
BRINK Flashbang Grenades icon.png
Class Soldier
Rank 2
Passive False

Flashbang Grenades are a Soldier Ability.


Flashbang Grenades temporarily blind enemy players who see them detonate. Teammates who see them only see a brief flash, unless you are playing in a Friendly Fire enabled match, in which case they can be blinded too. There is a Cooldown period between successive uses.


The Flashbang creates a large flash of light, as the name suggests, temporarily blinding the enemy. If you fall victim to a Flashbang, your screen will turn completely white and you will not be able to see anything for a few seconds. However, you can still see your retucule and the red markers that indicate a hit on the enemy, providing a small bearing as to where your enemies are.

Unfortunately, these grenades have little to no effect against bots, who can see and shoot at you perfectly fine, even while under the effect of this ability.


  • When playing on an Old Skool server, friendly fire is on and the Flashbang will also affect the Soldier and their teammates.
  • There is no actual "bang" to this grenade. While players are blinded, they still can hear what is going on (unless they are close to incapacitation). Thus, this grenade is incorrectly labeled and should be simply called a Flash Grenade.
  • Many players hope for Brink Advanced features, and for an option to "lower" the light of the Flashbang, as it has been known to cause eye discomfort.

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