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That the majority of the watercooler topics that appear on the main page are about whether this game sucks or not, or about how no one is playing online. Haha, well here's another one. This game sucks and no one plays it online.

This game doesn't suck actually, in my opinion, it's actually pretty fun, and I play online all the time.

What system do you play on? PC, Xbox or Ps3. I just have a hard time getting a match on ps3 (the reason why I posted 'Does anyone play online'). I thank you biohazard831 for the advice and psn name. As for whether the game sucks or not it doesn't. People may think this because they were influenced by ign (6/10) and gamespot (6/10). Unfortunately all my friends play black ops (which I think is overrated).

I play on PS3. Almost every day im online playing Brink. Hit me up whoever wants to play online sometime, PSN Name=BioHazzard831

It seems like things were pretty dead the last time I tried to get a match on the 360, but its been a little over a month since last I tried. BeardedBassist 00:39, October 22, 2011 (UTC)