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The poll was created at 12:50 on 3 June 2011, and so far 816 people voted.
operative 131
engineer 248
soldier 160
medic 99 (surprising considering the points advantage) gotta catch em all 170
hen pecked 8


The poll was created at 11:58 on 7 August 2011, and so far 386 people voted.

45% cast vote in protest
20% will shoot anything available
8% picked the Gerund or CARB-9
6% chose Barnett
4% went with Kross and Gotlung
2% for Ritchie
and 1% opted for the Chinzor or the Kalt


how often do you play Brink?

  1. daily 136
  2. once/week 42
  3. not playing anymore 30
  4. check in/month to reasses interest 20

The poll was created at 16:18 on September 18, 2011, and so far 245 people voted.

Suggestions for polls[]

Body class used most?

-(Heavy) (Medium) (Light)

How often would you equip a sniper rifle?

-(alot) (sometimes) (only as a secondary) (...)

Did you complete all chellenges for all of your characters, or just one?

-(Once) (Twice) (Most) (None) (...)

How difficult is it to wall hop as a light class?

(%&!@) (Hard) (Somewhat difficult) (Easy)

If they were making another brink would you buy it?

(No) (probably rent it) (maybe) (YES!)

Suggestions for polls[]