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What is your prefered loadout? By that I mean, what is your main characters body type, prefered class and secondary class, abilities, and weapon combos?

My main character now is my heavy medic. My secondary class is soldier. I use battle hardened, sense of perspective, supply max increase, sprinting reload, resupply rate increase, armor piercing rounds, flashbangs, grenade mastery, kevlar vest, extra mags, frag blast and grenade damage, adrenaline boost, increase supplies and improved increase supplies, speed boost, improved life buff, and self regeneration. I use the maximus with a green dot sight and a muzzle brake, and I use the rhett with a speed sling, duct-tape mags, muzzle brake, and green dot sight.

Hey whats up? My main character is a Light body type Medic/Operative I have every universal skill except Downed fire. Medic: Adrenaline boost, increase supplies and improved increase supplies, improved life buff, self resurrection, and lazarus grenades. Secondary class Operative:Firewall command post, homing beacon, comms hack, hack turrett, and cortex bomb. Guns Love the seaeagle with high capacity mags, and mostly use Carb-9 with Front grip, high capacity mags, muzzle break, and Dflex red dot. (sometimes use tampa with duct tape mags and front grip) I like the light body type best because of the SMART movement.

I am really liking my soldier im leveling cause the EZ nade is so much fun and i like the Euston.