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Does anyone play online?14:48, November 14, 2016PwnageSoldier
DLC Hope02:23, December 7, 20155.39.76.15
Polls01:09, July 17, 2013108.66.172.24
Brink is awful03:12, February 25, 2013Cpl.Bohater
Best smg and pistol17:20, June 10, 201299.67.197.208
Plz join my Clan Elite04:25, February 28, 2012Dr. Clayton Forrestor
Reviewers can kiss my foot04:33, February 24, 2012Dr. Clayton Forrestor
I think it's pretty funny00:39, October 22, 2011BeardedBassist
Anyone use the agents of change attachments01:27, October 18, 2011Dr. Clayton Forrestor
So, is That It?02:41, October 2, 201168.118.180.249
Why do you people care14:43, September 17, 2011Dr. Clayton Forrestor
Pre-Order Bonus Question18:39, September 1, 2011Bobby2055
What do you think of brink15:37, August 23, 2011Nexolate
So.. is this game still pretty awful?23:54, August 22, 2011216.222.166.106
What does F.I.S.T Stand for?22:48, August 22, 201171.55.67.242
Online Difference Between Standard and Competition Mode04:18, August 18, 2011Yoshi-TheOreo
Customisation21:47, August 9, 2011Spartan4646
Character Customization Ideas06:13, August 9, 2011Shadieus
Community Ideas for Balancing00:24, August 9, 2011AssassinLegend
Haha, banned from Bethsoft05:52, August 7, 2011C93 X
Future Of the Ark16:45, August 2, 2011166.137.142.167
How do we know16:00, July 29, 2011BeardedBassist
Agents of change16:43, July 20, 2011AssassinLegend
New weapons for the light class22:32, July 14, 2011XShadowcat
Rocket Launchers00:04, July 14, 2011XShadowcat
A great ability for Operative23:51, July 3, 2011Lazysupermutant
Revolvers21:09, July 3, 2011Dr. Clayton Forrestor
What i want to see in the DLC07:26, July 3, 201170.45.87.160
Ideas for a better Brink19:52, July 1, 2011Thatrandomdude
Couple of Ideas22:47, June 24, 2011RizzelmyDizzel
What are some changes that this game needs?23:12, June 22, 2011The Inceptionist
Engineer too good?19:13, June 17, 2011198.201.23.10
Preferences18:53, June 17, 2011RizzelmyDizzel
Suggested pages14:12, June 17, 2011Nexolate
Solo they never knew what hit them16:08, June 13, 2011Bobby2055
What Gun models do you want to see?01:41, June 11, 2011AssassinLegend
So now that I have a level 20...18:00, June 10, 2011RizzelmyDizzel
PS3 Competitive Play09:47, June 10, 2011LegionOfShadows
I, uh... I don't like it.10:18, June 9, 2011LegionOfShadows
Pre-order Pack Codes15:29, June 6, 2011SteelyIBosh
Brink does difficulty affect xp13:16, June 6, 2011SteelyIBosh
YOUR CHOICE 215:12, May 25, 2011100ftFox
Laz grenade21:19, May 24, 2011MC Clatchey
Missing unlocks and unbalanced stats09:15, May 20, 2011112.202.78.181
PSN and Psycho Redeem03:27, May 20, 2011Sosyc
Lobbies?00:27, May 18, 2011AssassinLegend
Downloadable Content21:14, May 17, 2011Dr. Clayton Forrestor
YOUR CHOICE19:14, May 16, 2011Drejnaught
The smooth16:12, May 16, 2011204.186.34.67
Beware of scam sites02:38, May 16, 2011Dr. Clayton Forrestor
Archived topics will be moved to Brink Answers wiki01:53, May 16, 2011112.202.78.181
Worldwide release date?07:53, May 15, 2011112.202.78.181
Should I get Brink?12:13, May 13, 201124.106.223.131
European relase date06:32, May 13, 2011BetaFIN
Just got Brink in Aus15:29, May 11, 201177.184.24.95
Ok so the IGN review is out....05:28, May 11, 2011The Jumpoff
Gun skins!04:07, May 10, 2011206.53.126.4
One day to release!22:26, May 9, 2011MoronicCinamun
Reason why PSN is down05:00, April 27, 2011Matt of the wastes
So fellas03:51, April 20, 2011ConceitedJarrad
Improvement project21:28, April 16, 201194.11.101.34
Introduction21:14, April 14, 2011Matt of the wastes
Custom Userboxes01:23, April 3, 2011Riceygringo
Single Player15:12, March 28, 2011Veggienater
Direct2Drive sale06:13, March 26, 2011Dr. Clayton Forrestor
Users asking for clan userboxes20:58, March 24, 2011Matt of the wastes
Forum cleanup13:27, March 20, 2011MoronicCinamun
Hello, Brinkers!07:51, February 19, 2011ConceitedJarrad
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