The ArkTactical and Soda Can silencers, available in the Psycho pre-order pack.

Front Attachments are a type of weapon attachment in Brink, and can be outfitted to a weapon through the Weapon Customization menu. Front attachments mainly deal with damage and recoil control through silencers and vented muzzle brakes.


Silencers reduce damage in return for decreasing the weapon's firing volume and muzzle flash. When using a silencer, the operator will not appear on the minimaps of enemy forces regardless of whether or not the operator is successfully hitting his or her target.

  • Soda Can Silencer/ArkTactical Silencer

Two silencers available to the Resistance and the Security, respectively, through The Psycho pre-order pack.

Muzzle Brakes

Vented muzzle breaks allow for improved recoil control in exchange for reduced weapon range. These front attachments are useful in open warfare because accuracy while firing is easier to maintain.

A simple muzzle brake that reduces recoil, but reduces range.

Another muzzle brake that reduces recoil, and reduces range, but has a different flash pattern.

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