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Galactic Select Icon.png
Type Light
Sub-Type Submachine Gun
Damage 17
Rate of Fire 0.066
Accuracy Stand 1.6
Crouch 1.6
Sight 1.5
Reload Speed 2.046
Equip Speed 0.330
Ammo Clip/Max 45/135/180

The Galactic is a Submachine Gun in Brink.


The Galactic's defining feature is its impressive magazine capacity, which is 50% larger than most other submachine guns. This means that it can outlast most other weapons, with the exception of Machine Guns.

Statistically though it deals the lowest damage per shot of all the submachine guns, but only by a small margin. It also has a relatively slow reload speed, second only to the Bulpdaun. However, it makes up for the lack of damage for having virtually no recoil, even less so with a Front Grip and Muzzle Brake.






Player Notes[]

  • The Drum Magazine attachment will double the already massive ammo count to 90, boasting the largest capacity of any non-Heavy firearm (larger than even the Maximus' standard magazine).
    • It is for this reason that the Galactic is a useful suppressive fire weapon for Lights and Mediums: in scenarios when speed is more preferable than power, it can provide a quick barrage of fire for an extended duration of time.
  • Keep in mind the Galactic gains very little accuracy from aiming down sights. Combine this with being the single most accurate hip-fired SMG, and you have little reason to ever sight the Galactic in. For this reason, choosing a sight with a very low profile is advised as it will make it easier to see your target.
  • The Galactic is most effective when coupled with the Engineer's Improved Weapon Buff ability, because its increased damage makes it comparable with an un-buffed Tampa, but still retaining the better Stability and Magazine Capacity.


  • The Galactic is based on the H&K UMP45, UMP standing for Universal Machine Pistol. Both "universal" and "galactic" are descriptions of a range in space.
  • The UMP-45 in real life

  • The words "Rat in a Maze" can be seen stenciled on the side of the Resistance Galactic. This, along with the rat stencil, are likely references to how the Resistance feels trapped on the Ark no matter what they do.


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