Brink Wiki

Brink is a 8 versus 8, drop-in-drop-out team based objective first person shooter. It uses a highly modified version of the idTech 4 engine. The game is playable in singleplayer, where AI allies will take over the roles of your teammates. One can also play the game in 8 player co-op, or entirely in online-play.


One can choose one of two factions, the Resistance or the Security, and work as a team to complete objectives. Each faction has its own campaign. There is no "Single Player" or "Multiplayer" option. It’s all integrated into a single mode. Brink also features RPG elements, such as character customization, experience, gaining levels, and purchasing both gameplay mechanics, like skills and upgrades and cosmetic things, like new outfits and tattoos for your character.

The game features a campaign mode where you can play through missions and progress through the story or you can just play individual matches without worrying about a campaign at all. Each mode can be played entirely online 8v8, meaning that your campaign will be played against real people who are playing their version of the campaign against you. If you are at a point in your campaign, (online) and you lose the battle, you will be reconnected to a new server with players at the same part as you and you can try again, while the winners remain to fight the next battle.

Useful information[]

  • Basically, when one is going through a campaign, team swapping is turned off. It's the only way to have the whole thing make any kind of predictable sense to players.
  • However, you don't *have* to play through the campaigns if you don't want. They're totally there as a suggestion. So if you opt out of the campaign storyline structure, then you can hop sides. And because you've opted out of maintaining the campaign structure, it's no big deal if you get yanked around by your friends, who are still in it.
  • The storyline in brink spread over about a week and a half, and during that time, there'll be day time and night time missions. but you're never on any one mission long enough for the sun to set or rise.