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Gatling Turret
BRINK Gatling Turret icon.png
Class Engineer
Rank 5
Passive False

Gatling Turret is an Engineer Ability in Brink.


This lets you plant a Gatling auto-turret which will detect and fire at any enemies. You cannot purchase this Ability without first purchasing Light Turret and Medium Turret.


The Gatling Turret is a deployable item which serves as an upgrade for the Medium Turret. As the most advanced of the deployable turrets, it deals damage comparable with a Machine Gun.

Player Notes[]

  • Due to it having the greatest damage of all deployable turrets, this turret is the best option for deployment in an exposed position.
  • Unlike the Gotlung, i.e. the only other gattling-style weapon in the game, the Gattling Turret does NOT have a spin-up delay.
  • Like all turrets though, it still benefits from ambush tactics. Particularly in locations that can't be seen until enemies are busy interacting with objectives (i.e. Command Posts).
  • Further, it also benefits greatly from collaborating Landmine placement to cover its blind spots.
  • Turrets can also function as alarms by placing them where enemies will have to destroy them before passing, a feature that can leave an enemy between a rock and a hard place. They can either attempt to destroy the turret, thereby alerting the deployer and giving them a chance to ready up allies, or avoid it entirely and be forced to enter a bigger engagement zone.
  • Upgraded turrets are no different from lower-grade turrets in the fact that they have both a maximum and minimum engagement range. That is, turrets will often fail to detect an enemy until they enter a "sweet spot". Thus, turret placement is an important variable; a turret that is too close can be destroyed too easily by constant fire or explosives, while a turret that is too far will not do anything.


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