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Gerund Select Icon.png
Type Medium
Sub-Type Assault Rifle
Damage 30
Rate of Fire 0.099
Accuracy Stand 1.8
Crouch 1.5
Sight 0.2
Reload Speed 1.947
Equip Speed 0.429
Ammo Clip/Max 30/60/120

The Gerund is an Assault Rifle in Brink.


The Gerund features the most average statistics of all the available assault rifles. That being said, it does seperate itself from the others in that has both the best aimed accuracy and largest magazine capacity.

These defining characteristics make it applicable, but not the best, in most situations. Fired in bursts, it can be an effective ranged weapon and it has plenty of spare ammo to out-last other assault rifles in close quarters.






Player Notes[]

  • The Gerund's ranged capabilities allow it to pair well with shorter range weapons. A Heavy wielding a Hjammerdeim as a primary and a Gerund as a secondary, for instance, would grant the Heavy excellent close-quarter capabilities as well as exceptional mid- to long-range abilities.
  • The Gerund is slightly unpopular among players due to its lowered stability, which causes it to move off target at longer ranges. However, a skilled player with more experience will not find this an issue.


  • The Gerund is most likely named after the M1 Garand. However, the Gerund's appearance is based on its later successor, the M14 MCS, a chassis mod of the original M14 rifle.
  • The iron sights of the Gerund resemble those of the SIG 550 Assault Rifle, the real-life basis for the Rhett.
  • The Gerund's original reloading animation featured the player moving the Gerund diagonally until it covered most of the screen and removing the magazine by gripping the front of the magazine and pulling the mag downwards. The new magazine would be inserted the same way. It is unknown if this was the animation for the other assault rifles as well in that stage of development.


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