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Gotlung Select Icon.png
Type Heavy
Sub-Type Machine Gun
Unlock Tower Defense **
Damage 12 x3
Rate of Fire 0.066
Accuracy Stand 7.0
Crouch 7.0
Sight 7.0
Reload Speed 6.039
Equip Speed 0.627
Ammo Clip/Max 200/0/200

The Gotlung is a Machine Gun in Brink.


The Gotlung is one of the more unique weapons of Brink. Although the ammo count says this weapon has 200 rounds, which is the largest in its category, each shot also fires 3 projectiles at once.

It is also requires a wind-up before shooting, which can be a hinderance when ambushed. Further, each projectile does a small amount of damage; only topping the Chinzor in damage per shot if all 3 projectiles hit.


The Gotlung is one of three Weapons in Brink with no attachments.

Player Notes[]

  • Aiming allows the user to pre-spin the barrel, allowing them to prepare for engagements, but severely decreasing their movement speed. Not aiming before firing forces the weapon to spin up, which can be disastrous if the wielder is ambushed.
    • In turn, the Gotlung is a powerful ambush weapon if the user spins down cautiously. The sound emitted from the spinning barrel may give away the user's prescence, but their location may be harder to discern; sneaky players can pop up from unexpected hiding spots to shred even wary enemies at close range.
  • Due to the Shotgun-like multiple-pellet effect while firing, advancing on the target in question compensates for the shot spread and will maximise damage output.
  • The Gotlung is a spectacular suppressing fire weapon, as the considerable period of fire that can be maintained discourages enemies to wander into the path of the bullets. As a result, a Gotlung wielder can easily suppress the enemy while teammates with precision weapons further harass or kill the enemy.


  • The Gotlung's name is a reference to the famous Gatling gun; however, it appears to be based on either the XM214 "Microgun" (a 5.56x45mm minigun) or the Dillon M134 Minigun (a 7.62x51mm minigun).
  • Interestingly there is a small typo on the texture of the weapon, being spelled "Gottlung". This is a common mispelling of the Gotlung, and its naming basis the Gatling.
  • The Gotlung has the longest reload of all Weapons.
  • The magazine of the Gotlung is built into the weapon instead of being connected to the weapon. The Gotlung does however reload normally (Taking out the magazine and replacing it with a new one).



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