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Grenade Damage
BRINK Grenade Damage icon.png
Class Soldier
Rank 4
Passive True

Grenade Damage is a Soldier Ability.


Grenade Damage increases the damage of your Frag Grenades but not their blast radius. This bonus does not apply to Grenade Launcher ammunition, only standard Frags.


Grenade Damage directly increases the amount of damage standard frag grenades deal, increasing their lethality against individual targets.

Interestingly, players will automatically call out when a grenade upgraded with Grenade Damage (described as a "heavy" grenade) lands near them, warning the player and his allies of the increased threat.

Despite the description, the Underslung Grenade Launcher attachment for Assault Rifles does benefit from the effects of this perk, as it launches standard greandes.

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