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For beards and moustaches, see Facial Hair.

Hair & Head Gear is a part of character Customization in Brink.


Hair & Head Gear is a head option that features both hair styles and various helmets and hats. Although some Hair options include Head Gear, there is usually no way to combine a Hair and Head Gear option.

Head Gear is one of the core options featured as part of the various Outfit Archetypes in Brink. Each faction has a completely different selection of Pants options and colors are not always shared for each.


Hair covers various hair styles for your character's head. Like Head Gear, Hair is usually covered or hidden by any form of full-face Face Gear option such as The Bug or The Sweat.

All Hair items offer the same color options within factions. Security have 10 different hues of brown, blonde and gray, where as the Resistance have all of these as well as additional green and red options.




Head Gear

Head Gear features hats, helmets and bandanas for head wear. Unlike Hair options, no options are shared between factions and the color schemes also vary within factions at times.


The Beret 01.jpg
The Cap 01.jpg
The Jesse Head 01.jpg
The Bomb Head 01.jpg
The Tank Head 01.jpg
The Limey Head 01.jpg
The Beret The Cap The Jesse The Bomb The Tank The Limey


The Dude Head 01.jpg
The G Head 01.jpg
The Safety 01.jpg
The Shemagh 01.jpg
The Spikes 01.jpg
The Fortress Head 01.jpg
The Dude The G The Safety The Shemagh The Spikes The Fortress


  • The Scruff's hat changes color when selecting one of the two Resistance-specific color schemes.
  • The Shemagh is not classed as Face Gear, despite covering almost all of the face like a mask.

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