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The Medic's Health Syringe

The Health Syringe is one of the Medic's pieces of equipment. Players using theMedic Class will be able to toss the syringe at Incapacitated teammates, these teammates can then choose to revive themselves or respawn. The syringes fully restore a player's health, so he will not be handicapped when he re-enters battle.

Medics can also use these syringes on themselves or on their teammates to not only fully restore their health, but to increase the maximum health as well. This boost can be further increased if the medic has the Improved Life Buff ability.

Furthermore, if a Medic has the Self Resurrection ability, then they can use the syringe on themselves when they are Incapacitated to get back up, but there is a very long cooldown period.

Medic healing an ally with a Syringe