Brink Wiki
High-Capacity Magazine
Type Magazine
Unlock Tower Defense **
Pro Increased Magazine Capacity
Con Decreased Accuracy & Equip/Reload Speed

The High-Capacity Magazine is an Attachment in Brink.


Increases the amount of ammo you have in each magazine.


The High-Capacity Magazine is a Magazine Attachment for some Weapons that partially increase the capacity of the weapon's magazine. Each magazine is 50% larger than normal, though not as large as the Drum Magazine.

All values are rounded up if fractions are created (eg. the Galactic's standard magazine has 45 rounds, and its high-capacity mag size is increased to 67 as opposed to 66 rounds).


  • Contrary to popular belief, High Capacity Magazines do not increase the amount of ammo carried; only the amount available in one magazine.
  • High-Capacity Magazines cannot be attached to Light Rifles, Grenade Launchers, Shotguns or the Ritchie.


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