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Hjammerdeim Select Icon.png
Type Heavy
Sub-Type Shotgun
Damage 22 x8
Rate of Fire 0.264 (+1.023 burst)
Accuracy Stand 4.5
Crouch 4.5
Sight 3.8
Reload Speed 2.046
Equip Speed 0.462
Ammo Clip/Max 12/24/36

The Hjammerdeim is a Shotgun in Brink.


The Hjammerdeim serves as the Heavy shotgun in Brink. It features a larger magazine capacity, better stability and a faster, semi-automatic firing rate than its Medium counterpart, the Mossington.

To compensate, though, the Hjammerdeim's rounds have slightly fewer projectiles, meaning it deals less damage per shot. This, combined with its faster firing rate, means that it also tends to run out of ammo much sooner as well.





Player Notes[]

  • The Hjammerdeim is a fairly unique shotgun in gaming because it is not truly semi-automatic. After every two shots, the magazine chamber must be rotated, limiting its potential rate of fire. However, the player can hold the fire button down to fire all three shots without having to individually press the button each time.
  • The Hjammerdeim has a smaller pellet spread than the Mossington, which is made even more narrow while the player is aiming down the sights with the former. Thus, the Hjammerdeim can land all pellets on its target from a further distance.
  • An enemy pursuing a Hjammerdeim wielder can be incapacitated with just two blasts; an enemy attempting to melee the wielder in question down will not be close enough to initiate a knife slash/stab or gun butt smash.
    • For these reasons, it is wise to engage Hjammerdeim wielders from medium- to long-range.


  • It's most likely based on the SRM 1216 Rotary Shotgun platform, particularly the SRM 1208 model, which features an 8-round rotary magazine like the Hjammerdeim.
  • It may be named after the Pancor Jackhammer shotgun.
  • Hjammerdeim is pronounced "hyammer-die-m", referring to "hammer time", a popular phrase coined by MC Hammer.
  • In the Container City gameplay trailers, the Hjammerdeim is seen wielded by a Medium character instead of a Heavy. This is presumably to showcase the uniqueness of the Hjammerdeim and its firing system.
  • The acronym "F.I.S.T." can be seen printed on the Hjammerdeim. This is a fictional Security division which is also printed on The Shield Archetype's shoulder, the back of the black and orange color scheme of The Freak's Archtype's face gear, and some of the the colors of The Bomb Archtype's face gear.


  • On the PC version of the game, the Hjammerdeim's iron sights are misaligned, making it more difficult to use this weapon while aiming down the sights without additional optics.


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