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Homing Beacon
BRINK Homing Beacon icon.png
Class Operative
Rank 2
Passive True

Homing Beacon is an Operative Ability in Brink.


Homing Beacon allows you to place a red outline on an enemy by Iron Sighting on them for several seconds. This will allow the enemy to be seen by all your teammates, even through walls. The outline only lasts for a few seconds. Homing Beacon lets you reveal enemy operatives in disguise.


This is an ability which allows Operatives to mark enemies with an outline. It's also one of the few ways to safely check if a teammate is actually an enemy Operative in disguise. This ability can even be used while disguised or while hacking.

Operative Abilities
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Player Notes[]

  • Homing Beacon can be used to tactically mark high priority targets, mainly enemies who are completing their objectives.

Behind The Scenes[]

The enemy highlighting effect is similar to the perk spotter in Fallout: New Vegas; another game published by Bethesda Softworks