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Improved Increase Supplies
BRINK Improved Increase Supplies icon.png
Class Medic
Rank 3
Passive True

Improved Increase Supplies is a Medic Ability.


If you already have Increase Supplies, Improved Increase Supplies will further increase your Supply meter, but only as long as you remain a Medic.


This ability functions exactly like Increase Supplies, in that it adds an extra pip to your Supply Meter as long as you remain a Medic. You must already have Increase Supplies to get Improved Incease Supplies.

Medics with both Increase Supplies and Improved Increase Supplies have the leniency to pool their supplies for offensive purposes: they can perform a sort of "mortar duty" by constantly using frag grenades, granting them superior Knockdown capabilities. However, this can come at the cost of having less than adequate supplies at the ready for the healing or reviving of downed teammates.

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